Channel Management and Cleaning Service

If you are looking for someone to help manage your property, we can connect you to Sicily property management companies or cleaning services.

Feel free to add your property on our site and start earning while enjoying hosting.

No time to host? Or prepare your place for the guests?

There are local management companies which can manage your property for you. We can also connect you to a few cleaning services or individual greeters which you can hire. Most of them only require a small percentage of the rent or a fixed rate for their service per check-in. They can help you host your place if you are living in another city and cannot accommodate the guests personally. Arrange registrations, check-in the guests, cleaning and maintenance for you.

These are usually the procedures if you use a greeter or property management company.

Property Registration

  • You may contact us by email on in case you are interested to get in touch with our recommended greeters or Sicily property management companies
  • Please note that the arrangement is only between the property owner and the property management company. is not part of the contract between the two parties.
  • Register your property or you can ask them to add them for you. They will visit your place to give you insights and add your property description and photos for you on our website.
  • After adding the property on our site, we will help you market it in different online channels and social media pages.

Check-In and Check out Services

  • The greeter or management company will check-in and check-out your guests in accordance with the hosts’ instructions, particularly inspecting the conditions of the place before and after each guests’ stays.
  • The Property Owner and Greeter or Management company should agree with the booking and payment terms of the property as well as how to handle the payments from the guests.

Property Maintenance

  • The Greeters or property management companies are responsible for handling any guests problems on behalf of the property owner.
  • The Greeters are also in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of the property during the management contract.

Here are the links to learn more about hosting and the rental law in your city.