Taxi Service – Booking and Prices

The Sicily Taxi Service page aims to provide you with the necessary details about booking a taxi in Sicily or anywhere in Italy.

To fully appreciate Sicily, we always suggest blending in with the locals, explore the off the beaten path where Sicilians usually go or use public transports as much as you can. However, there will be moments that being in another city is too overwhelming. For instance, you want to get over the hassle of commuting. Or not to mention waiting for the bus or train schedules. Save your time and worries. In case you are travelling outside the centre or getting around major cities, getting a taxi is a convenient solution.

Kiwi Taxi

We partnered with Kiwi Taxi to provide you with an instant option to book a taxi wherever you are. May you need a cab during your stay in Sicily or all over Italy. Maybe you need an airport transfer upon your arrival, the taxi search engine is a great help to organise your trip. Just indicate the pick-up and drop off address, the date and time you will require it, and the system will provide the exact rate and the option to book and pay it online.

Taxi Service in Sicily and Italy

We indicated below the useful taxi numbers in Sicily and other towns in Italy.

Catania – +39 095330966
Cefalù +39 0921440740 
Palermo – +39 0918481
Sysracuse – +39 0931 1844
Taormina – +39 3382315010 

Amalfi+39 089872239  Perugia+39 075 5731852
Assisi +39 075813100 Pisa+39 050 541600
Bari +39 0805543333Pompei +39 0818638060
Bergamo +39 0354519090Ravello+39 331 5033399
Bologna +39 0514590 or +39 Ravenna +39 0544 33888
Bolzano+39 0471 98 11 11Reggio Emilia+39 0522452545
Brescia + 39 03035111Rimini +39 0541 50020
Capri+39 0818376464Riomaggiore +39 0187 523523 
Cagliari +39 070400101 Rome 3570
Catania +39 095330966 San Gimignano
Cefalù +39 0921440740  Siena +39 0577 49222
Ferrara+39 0532900900 Sorrento +39 089 75.75.75
Florence +39 0554390 Sysracuse +39 0931 1844
Genoa +39 0105966Taormina +39 3382315010 
Latina+39 07731881 Taranto +39 0994795415
Lecce +39 3286714428 Trento +39 0461930002
Lucca +39 05831745 Trieste 307730
Mantova +39 0376368844 Turin5737 or 5730
Milan 026969 Udine0432505858
Modena +39 059374242 Venice +39 0415964
Naples 8888 Verona +39 045532666 
Padova +39 049651333 Vicenza+390444920600
Palermo +39 0918481
Parma +39 0521252562

Taxi Apps

This list of IOS and Androids apps introduced in a few Italian cities might be handy for you too. Some of them have a geolocation feature that will allow finding your exact location. We have copied a few reviews about them for your reference.


The ever-reliable UBER – only Uber Black and Uber Vans are allowed in most cities in Italy

Milano In Taxi  



Taxi Easy

Hailing a cab

Other than the internet, there are traditional ways of hiring a taxi service in Sicily too. Generally, on regional capitals such as Rome, Milan, Bologna, Trieste, Palermo etc., taxicab stands are easily spotted in populated zones such as train stations, airports, hospitals, and commercial malls. You may also hail a cab on the street but be cautious of the taxi light signals. If the light is on, the taxi should be available, and if the light is off, the cab is occupied, or it is already reserved through the most common taxi booking system in the country which is Radio Taxi by phone.

Radio Taxi System

We specified above the phone numbers you may use to request a taxi in some cities. There are operators available to assist you or an automated answering system with instructions on how to arrange the service. If you are calling from Italy, you may remove the country code +39 and start dialling from 0.

Taxis are either privately owned or run by coops. Their rules and fares vary from each town; they are set by the municipality so you might find that the cab price in Rome is different in comparison with Milan’s or other cities. We indicated the links to the standard tariff of each town too.

If you are staying in a hotel, you may ask the Concierge to book the taxi for you. In case you are having difficulty requesting this service, please feel free to contact us on the phone, email or live chat and we will try booking the taxi on your behalf. We are happy to assist


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