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    Sicily Travel Guide – life on the south of Italy

    Our Sicily Travel Guide features the island’s beautiful and breathtaking treasures, from natural resources to architectural wonders.

    We classified all the essential information you need to know during your stay in Sicily. You can check the complete guide on the sidebar. It includes a brief history of Sicily and the long list that make Sicily a dream destination. Our travel experts organised this catalogue to help you get started.

    Visit the main attractions of Sicily. You can also enjoy the best beaches the island can offer. Understand the historical timeline of Sicily as well as its culture and traditions. Live like a Sicilian local with our holiday rentals. Learn how much it costs to live here and the latest news and weather updates. We have also added exciting feasts and festivals to join. Sicily is a haven for food lovers, so we named the most authentic cuisines of the region. Explore the many amazing things to do in Sicily with our travel guide.

    Sicily Travel Guide- Introduction to Sicily

    Every corner of Sicily has an exciting story to tell, as well as places worth making stories. It is the Mediterranean’s precious jewel anyway as well as Italy’s key to everything. Hence, travellers and locals adore its charm that speaks to the soul. The mild climate that draws many to love it even more. Sicily leaves a lasting impression that you would like to understand further and revisit as often as possible.

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    Understanding the Brief History of Sicily

    Imagine walking in another time during your travel. That is Sicily to us, an escape to a different period. Sicily’s past is the reflection of its glory and as stunning as its treasures, art wonders, culture and traditions. Most people identify it as the birthplace of Mafia, but there is more to Sicily than the Godfather mania. Our Sicily boasts a long history dated for thousands of years. Before we are proudly called both Sicilians and Italians, our origin rooted back from the early Sicani. Then to the previous settlers Greeks, Arabs, and Normans that consequently called Sicily their home. World Heritage sites such as old churches, Greek temples, and baroque towns are the marks they left on this island.

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    Complete Sicily Travel Guide

    Main Attractions in Sicily

    Tourist sites in Sicily are almost endless. Undoubtedly beautiful natural resources of mountains and seas formed the island — a real dream destination. The places but not all are usually located in popular Sicilian cities, accessible by trains or bus lines. By walking, you can explore historical centres of major cities such as Palermo, Catania and Syracuse. There are provincial buses available too to witness more majestic sceneries. For instance, from Palermo, you can reach Cefalù and Monreale very easily. Get a glimpse of the Arab-Norman-Byzantine influences on these three towns.

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    Charming Towns and Beaches in Sicily

    The beaches, coastlines and small islands in Sicily, are the many reasons to admire its beauty. With the cobalt blue water, clear sky and scenic views, they are enchanting. The island is full of lovely beaches and seaside towns. You may spend a day trip to see them or stay at our available holiday rentals. We have options for beach villas or apartments near the town squares. Accommodations on villages outside the city centre are much cheaper too but of course, it all depends on what you are looking for. In case you fancy luxury, we have elegant properties with private terrace or garden overlooking picturesque panoramas. There are also various activities to do and see, from sunbathing to swimming and water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, boat sailing and more.

    To really understand Sicily, one must live like a Sicilian. Not particularly learning the language but blending in and knowing what they usually do. Staying in a village whether upon the mountains or near the sea, one can have a grasp of how delicate is the Sicilian culture and traditions.

    Sicily’s diversity

    Sicily is vibrant, diverse and a paradise worth discovering. It has a compelling history that influenced the lifestyle of modern-day Sicilians. From their beliefs to family values and social norms.

    May it be a religious event or a fun festival, Sicilians always find a way to celebrate life. Did we already mention the feast of foods to relish in Sicily? From authentic gelato to home-cooked cuisines, you are up for an eating marathon.

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    Weather in Sicily

    Holidaymakers adore Sicily, not only for its beauty but also for it is very mild weather, even in Winter. This is especially the ones coming from other parts of Europe who want to escape the freezing snow. The Mediterranean climate during colder months is still cold, but more gentle with clear skies most of the time. Unless, of course, if you are visiting mountain villages or the landscape queen of Sicily, Mount Etna. It tends to snow on these places. Spring is beautiful on the island, the flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is fantastic. There are a few rain showers but other than that it is perfect to wander around.

    Summer in Sicily is very lively. The beaches and historical sites get incredibly crowded. Sicilians celebrate many occasion and events during these months so if you have extra time, and we suggest joining the locals. Autumn is when the tourists are slowly getting fewer, the weather is transitioning from hot to warm. It also means you will have a more intimate visit to the best places in Sicily.

    Our Sicily Travel Blog

    All exciting stories and myths about Sicily are available on our Sicily Travel Blog. We also provide travel inspiration to Sicily about our favourite activities on the island and new trending places to explore. Whether you are a new visitor or a frequent traveller of Sicily, there are plenty of things to discover in this southern wonder of Italy. Come and travel with us in Sicily!

    Our Sicily Travel Guide aims to provide you with a better memorable holiday. We hope you enjoy your stay in Sicily!

    Feel free to add tips and suggestions to our other guests on the comment section. We want to hear your Sicily experience. If you are coming to Sicily soon and need ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.