Fri. Dec 24th, 2022

    Sicily Stay – Live your dream holiday

    ALL OF ITALY is in the white zone. It means that museums, theatres, cinemas, hotels, resorts, and restaurants are currently open in Sicily.

    Due to the pandemic, access to other establishments might be limited and requires proper regulations. All visitors from abroad must follow proper precautions and protocols to travel safely. Here are a checklist and all the measures in place in Italy about COVID19 and information for tourists. Let us help each other prevent the spread of the virus.

    Exploring Italy: Bus, Train, and Plane Journeys!

    Italy has an extensive network of buses, trains, and flights connecting its major cities. Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, these routes are efficient, economical, and offer something for everyone.

    Plan your Sicily St

    There are a few things you need to know when planning your Sicily stay. Whether you want to live like a local or visit once out of curiosity, the island will never fail to reveal its beauty. Our website is here to help you understand its rich and unique culture too. Find all the resources you need to get started. We will walk you through detailed information about the region, from its main attractions to off-the-beaten paths. We also provide tips on accommodations, excursions, package deals, renting a car, public transports, and plenty of affordable options.

    Visit once, and you will keep coming back. Sicily is the pearl of the Meditteranean and home to some of the world’s most astonishingly beautiful beaches and historical sites. With its magnificent Greek temples, grandiose Baroque architecture, and rugged landscape, Sicilia truly is a gem. It fascinated poets, artists, and notable people such as Goethe, Shakespeare, and more for centuries. Every corner of it has an exciting story to tell, as well as places worth making stories. From road trips to island hopping, culture, and food tours, the things to do and see in Sicily are endless!



    a new life with endless blue sea, narrow streets, and stunning scenerie

    Learn all about Sicily, see it to understand it, including its ancient and medieval history, the conquerors that rule it, the Sicilians of today, and what makes them who they are. Be inspired by all the sceneries and archaeological treasures it boasts.

    Research about Italian immigration, what documents you will need, and what to expect when you arrive. From visas, resident permits, housing, healthcare, etc. Also, make an effort to learn Italian and everything will be much easier for you.

    Many real estate companies can assist you in finding suitable housing depending on your lifestyle and budget. May it be renting or owning, get familiar with the current price market and housing rights. Here are a few that we can recommend.

    With its diverse geography, the locals’ ways of life and cost of living also vary. People from small villages tend to stick to their old practices of simpler and serene life while the cities are ever-evolving into bustling hubs.