Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

    Sicily Travel Jobs: Working and Living

    We are a growing team who want to promote the beauty of Sicily to the world. We are looking for passionate people to add to our family. If you have the same vision, you can see the list of our Sicily Travel jobs below.

    Join our Team and help many begin their Sicily journey

    sicily travel jobs

    Sicily Short Stay is more than just a travel portal. We aim to provide suitable holiday rentals for each of our guests while helping them learn more about Sicily. Even though the island is full of beautiful accommodations, we know that not everyone has the same taste. We try to meet our guests’ needs as much as we can and making sure they have a happy stay. Sicily is both a dream destination and a historical treasure so we hope many will understand it further through our services and stories.

    Our Sicily Story

    We have various stories, but our love for the region connects us. To begin with, Sicily is our home, We are always looking for ways to help improve its tourism and also create more jobs. Visiting Sicily is not the same as seeing it soul. Anyone can rely on travel books but experiencing Sicily, blending with the Sicilians makes the journey more special. We focus on that goal, offering low-cost but self-catering properties. Holiday rentals that even for a short visit, will allow guests also to call Sicily their home.

    Sicily Travel Jobs Available

    The following positions are currently vacant, and we are seeking talented and passionate professionals to add to our team.

    SEO Manager

    SicilyShortStay is a start-up company, so we are looking for talented people who have the drive to grow with us. Both novice and expert SEO managers are welcome to apply. Let us know what sets you apart and maybe you are the person we are searching for. Roles include effective SEO strategies, applying organic search projects that will drive more traffic to our website, as well as, organic visibility.

    Freelancer: Bloggers and Writers

    We love writing and reading about our glorious island. Are you a Sicily blogger, freelance copywriters or a social influencer? Who obviously enjoys writing and posting about Sicily. From topics such as its unique culture and traditions, tourist attractions to any interesting events on the island. We want to partner with you, please shoot us an email.

    Property Managers

    Do you have experience in managing properties? We are adding more listings each day and many of our owners are looking for people who can manage their rentals. From cleaning the place to handling payments as well as check-ins and check-outs.

    Let’s build something together.