Palermo City Rules for Vacation Homes

Are you looking to rent your apartment in Palermo? We discussed on this page the current Palermo Holiday Rental Law and general city rules about renting a property. From hotels, holiday homes, villas, apartments, B&Bs and rooms to rent.

Property Classification and City Tax

In Palermo, the law identified the following classification of holiday rental accommodation and their respective city tax amount. Please note that the hosts or their property managers will collect this tax on arrival.

Type of AccommodationsCity Tax (€)
Hotel – 1 star0.50
Hotel – 2 star 1.00
Hotel – 3 star 1.50
Hotel – 4 star 2.00
Hotel – 5 star 3.00
Hotel – 5-star luxury4.00
Hotel Residence – 2 star1.00
Hotel Residence – 3 star 1.50
Hotel Residence – 4 star 2.00
Holiday Home1.00
Room to Rent1.00
B&B 1 star.50
B&B 2 star 1.00
B&B 3 star 1.50

Inquire with the comune

It is required to inquire with the municipality if you are planning to rent your home. Hence, they can advise you on more information. You can learn about the necessary permit and regulations. To view more updated details, you can click through this link: Directives, Obligations and Tax Information