Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

    Best Holiday Apartments in Sicily: BOOK NOW!

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    best holiday apartments in sicily

    Pick among our best holiday apartments in Sicily, from affordable to luxury options in the most fascinating locations, historic centres and charming villages. Our previous and loyal guests voted these flats as their Top Choices when in Sicily, you can see the list of the accommodations here.

    La Dolce Vita in Sicily with our Best Holiday Apartments

    Fulfil your sweet life dreams in Sicily. The island is like a whimsical film together with its vibrant colours and southern ways. Everything seems unreal while it makes you feel at home right away. It is inviting you to its lovely coasts, historical wonders and old traditions. Without a doubt, it is one of Europe’s unmatched destinations. Sicily will give you the obvious reasons to love it. However, the many others you will keep discovering during your stay and treasure forever. To have fun or to unwind, to learn and to understand. Spend your holiday in Sicily now and choose the perfect place for you.

    Sicily Vacation Rentals for all

    Sicily attracts many types of people, and we aim to give each of them a wonderful stay in any of our vacation rentals. From romantic hideaways for couples to cosy homes for families on holiday, ample space for a group of friends or colleagues. Aside from furnished apartments, we also offer all types of vacation rentals in Sicily such as villas, B&Bs, private rooms and campers. The best does not always mean overpriced rentals. We tailored our list treating them as our guests’ second home, comfy and warm. They added a great experience to our guests during their Sicily and we hope for you too. In case you are on a budget or fancy a little bit of luxury, we can also help narrow your options.

    Stunning Holiday lettings

    So where to stay in Sicily? East, West, South or North? There are nine unique provinces with fabulous villages and small welcoming islands to explore. The world is your oyster. Palermo, Catania and Syracuse are the major points when deciding. However, each town has its own appeal. Taormina’s enchanting views of Mount Etna for instance and its ancient theatre. There is also Ragusa which is like Syracuse offers a marvellous display of Sicilian Baroque buildings. The island has some of the most enthralling beaches too. Our properties are usually located in the historical centres, modern hubs, seaside and hilltop towns. Hence, wherever you are planning to stay, we can help you find your next Sicily home.