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Sicily is a great place to host many corporate events. It is still a new business area to explore with plenty of possibilities. Italy, as one of the top countries in the world, has a range of industries. From cars, shipping, electronics and medicine to Fashion, food, travel as well as agriculture. Many of these businesses are located in North Italy. Sicily’s focus, on the other hand, is tourism, with its unique heritage to the world.

Italy and Sicily go hand in hand

Sicily also exports its best produce of wines, cheese, fruits and sweets. It is making a name for itself helping maintain the high quality of Italian products.

Doing Business in Sicily

Sicily has still a long way to take but it has a lot of potentials. Its position as the gateway of Europe from the Mediterranean sea will see its future. Like how it was in history.

Are you looking to live in Sicily? We suggest staying on the island a few times so you can experience it first hand. For future investors, creating more jobs in Sicily is, by all means, giving chances to talented young Sicilians. New graduates tend to leave their homes for a greener grass outside of Sicily. And also, it means working in one of the most beautiful islands on Earth.

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Chose Sicily for your next conference or exhibitions! Your team will talk about this dream work-vacation all the time.

Corporate Events in Sicily

Since it has a lot of stunning sceneries, many are leaning towards Sicily for events or team building activities. Its climate is also lovely all year long.

Taormina, for example, was the host for the 2017 G7 Summit. Just recently the Chinese President Xi Jinping also visited the island. These meetings obviously opened new possibilities for Sicily. The cities of Palermo and Catania are also growing hubs for businesses, arts and technology industries. Plenty of towns in Sicily such as Marsala, Syracuse and more also hold yearly food and wine conventions. Guests witness not only the glory of Sicily produce but also its glorious landscapes.

 Corporate Events in Sicily business

Sicily Holiday Rentals for groups

Keep the group together with our holiday large rentals. The options vary from huge luxury villas to holiday apartments in the same building. There are B&B rooms where all can gather around on the common areas for meetings.

Please drop us an email if you need a place for your team. Or if require a venue, we will try to arrange it for you. Like how we say it in Sicily. Buon Lavoro!

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