Luxury Apartments to live like a royal

The selection of Luxury apartments in Sicily extends from modern flats complete with all modern amenities to renovated historical homes with high fresco ceilings. We chose only the most special as well as comfortable rentals on the island for our guests. Whether you are here for a short stay or long term, we will plan your dream Sicilian vacation with you.

Luxury Apartments in Sicily

Moreover, we tailored our catalogue of Sicily holiday rentals from the most basic needs to the smallest details to narrow down the most suitable for your taste. Major cities are homes to these properties. Well-hidden to give you privacy while you enjoy the finer things these cities can offer.

Luxury Holiday Apartments in historic centres

Let us know what you fancy and we will try further to find it for you. In case want the old centre panorama right outside your window, by all means, we hand-picked the luxury accommodations located in Sicily historic centres for you. They are overlooking famous landmarks such as theatres, churches, baroque and ancient sites. Some also have private roof terraces or balconies. You may dine in and have a cup of espresso while admiring the scenic view. The holiday homes are large and spacious with elegant and art nouveau styles.

Here is our list of luxury apartments in Sicily located in historic centres.

Noble Homes in Sicily

Any buildings in Italy is called palazzo o palaces, either old or new. Old cities have plenty of these stunning buildings. The exteriors are a mix of liberty and baroque. Most of them are former homes of the wealthiest families in these cities. The houses are historical too in a way and their private owners maintained them. Some of these noble homes are open for visits wherein a prince or a princess will host you for a coffee or tea and let you see the grandeur of Sicily’s previous elite groups. From the high fresco ceilings to splendid chandeliers, huge ballrooms, and intricate antiques. Many are turned into Hotel flats where you can experience to live and be served like a royal.

In case you love to stay at these great homes or pay a visit, here is the list of grand palace turned into a vacation home in major Sicilian cities.

Stylish Modern Apartments in Sicily

Do you prefer modern, trendy flats? Our stylish holiday apartments in Sicily located in doorman buildings are perfect for you. They are cosy and complete with all the amenities you will need during your stay.

Special Services on Request

Most of the hosts also offer extra services by request.