Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

    Luxury Villas in Sicily

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    Our luxury villas in Sicily are all about comfort, elegance, and fulfilling the dream vacation you deserve. We will spoil you with refined solutions for your ideal Sicily holiday.

    Sicily is a fascinating destination, and we assure you that your journey to the south of Italy will be worthwhile. Its natural and archaeological wonders combined with its mild weather and heavenly cuisines epitomize the sweet life. As compared to a film, you will be in for a ride to the true la dolce vita. With our luxury villa choices, we want you to experience all of these elements. Because on this beautiful island, everything is possible.

    Types of Luxury Villas in Sicily

    We have a wide selection of holiday homes. Stay either with stunning vistas of the mountains or scenic landscapes of the coasts and the turquoise blue sea. Why choose if you can enjoy both? Each villa is stylish with ample living space and rooms for families or group friends. Stay together while admiring the island’s treasured gems.

    Our catalog is tailored to luxury villas all over Sicily. Hence, there are more options to meet your taste and needs. Choose great locations based on the things you would like to do during your stay. In case, you wish to have a quiet place while being near historical sites, we will find the most suitable accommodation for you. If you want a secluded hideaway, we will try to find the perfect escape for you. Remember that it is your vacation, you decide what you deserve.

    Your Special Sicily short stay

    Open your windows overlooking incredible views. Unwind and wander in the beauty of our island. Have fun and explore the most exciting things. Everything to make your holiday more relaxing and delightful, we will assist you as much as we can. We can guarantee you a pleasant and special holiday in any of these exclusive rentals.

    If you are a family or group of friends, aside from learning Sicily on your excursions, you may also arrange garden dinner parties as bonding time. Or set up a sumptuous breakfast on your terrace. Try cooking your twist of Sicilian foods on your bright kitchen too using the freshest produce. Much better, hire a private chef to prepare it for everyone. Many chefs will also offer a quick private cooking lesson. It is a great chance to spend precious moments with your loved ones. Create more stories that will soon be topics of your reunions.

    Whether you are a couple on an anniversary trip or just embarking married life on a honeymoon, Sicily is an excellent getaway to make lovely memories. You will reflect these forever and remind you of your love for each other.

    Complete amenities and more requests

    The villa listings we offer are with sophisticated architectures. They are complete with all the features you will need during your stays. These include Complimentary internet access, spacious rooms, comfortable beds and more. We indicated the available amenities on each property page, so you know what to expect. Generally, the villas have private gardens while others might also include outdoor pools and external lounge areas. Even more, perhaps a private beachfront.

    If you fancy water activities such as kayaking, diving, wind sailing, and boat tripping, we can connect you to local guides too to book any of them. Whatever you desire, request, and we will try to organise it for you, from romantic cruises to spa treatments, historical voyage, food and wine tours. We have partnered with many local providers to give the best services available in Sicily.