Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

    All Accommodation Types in Sicily

    Choose from vacation rentals, apartments B&B and all accommodation types in Sicily. Let us find you the perfect holiday place.


    All Accommodation Types in Sicily

    SicilyShortStay has a wide selection of holiday apartments, villas, B&Bs, private rooms, campers and other services in Sicily. From cosy homes to luxury escapes, we have them available on our listings. Choose the accommodation that will suit your taste and budget. We also offer the best suggestions on the best places to stay in any cities or towns in Sicily. For a large group of families and friends, we also plenty of options for you.

    Budget Holiday Apartment rentals in Sicily

    In case you are on a budget and looking to save more, we have Cheap Holiday Apartments and rooms in Sicily under 50 Euro per night for you. The rooms for students, backpackers, and Expats are available on our Sicily credit crunch apartment page. Our hosts also usually offer last-minute rates and long term discounts. You can check these details on the property page or contact us directly so we can check for you.

    Inspired Guests

    We are all about making travelling into an even more memorable experience to our guests. Sicily is exciting and most of the time surreal. We aim to inspire our guests not only to see Sicily but to learn and understand the island. Our partners arrange tours that will both entice your eyes and also move your heart. These tours and events are tailored for you to see the real beauty and wonders of Sicily. Our other services such as taxi booking, airport transfers, car rentals are helpful guides in planning your itineraries too. Do not hesitate to ask us or our local and Expat hosts for more tips. We believe that the properties we add on our site are the reflections of what Sicily is all about. Sicily is your home while being extraordinarily impressive. You can see photos of our Sicily travel on our Social media pages.

    Look for suitable accommodation according to your needs

    If you have special needs or preferred amenities, please feel free to use our advanced search settings. You may also contact us on live chat, phone or email to inquire. We are happy to assist you in finding the most suitable place for your Sicily stays.