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For good wine lovers, you are spoiled for choices in Sicily, wine is produced throughout the island, thanks to its favorable climate.

Firstly, for good wine lovers, you are spoiled for choices of best wines in Sicily. Sicily produced wines significantly all over the island, thanks to its mild climate. Many are known while others are less, but equally of excellent quality and taste. We listed Ten of the Best Wines in Sicily. However, there are a lot more of similar quality.

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Nero d’Avola

This red wine has its origin from the province of Syracuse, Sicily. However, other areas in Italy also produced this wine. It is a popular intense Sicilian wine with rich flavours. The wine has a variety of alcohol level based on where and how the grapes were grown.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria

A bright red wine that is originally from Vittoria Ragusa. You can distinguish it by the fragrant aromas of cherry, wild berries and pomegranate.

Etna Rosso and Etna Bianco

Etna Rosso came from the territory of Etna, it stands out for its refinement, intense aroma and winy taste.

Also from the Etna area, Etna Bianco is a dry, straw-yellow wine with a delicate fragrance.

Alcamo Bianco

A genuine product of the town of Alcamo but now widespread in the provinces of Trapani and Palermo. The wine is pale yellow, with a strong and fruity smell, and with a fresh and dry taste.

Erice Bianco

Locally manufactured in Erice, Valderice, Castellammare del Golfo and other towns in the province of Trapani. Erice Bianco is a dry amber wine with a fruity floral scent.


It is undoubtedly, one of the most famous Sicilian wine in the world. Marsala is a liqueur wine. You can usually pair it with typical Sicilian sweets, preferably almond biscuits. You can consume the wine as a dessert, or for the preparation. Moreover, add it for some chicken dishes or meat too. Marsala wine originated from the Marsala area in the province of Trapani. There are many types of Marsala wines. People can identify them by the colour from amber tending to ruby. It depends on the grapes that can be white or black, dry, semi-dry or sweet. There are also some variations with the addition of aromas such as strawberry, almond, coffee. Some even incorporate it with egg yolk which is perhaps the most appreciated version.

Moscato di Pantelleria

Moscato di Pantelleria is also called Zibibbo as it is produced by kind of grape of the same name. It is the Muscat grape from the island of Pantelleria. Moscato is a yellow wine with an amber colour, a sweet and aromatic muscat flavour. You can pair it with typical Sicilian sweets such as cassata and cannoli, and also with cheese.

Malvasia di Lipari

Malvasia di Lipari is liqueur wine with a colour ranging from yellow to dark amber. It depends on the ageing period with an intense aromatic scent, a sweet and alcoholic taste. Similarly, like other Sicilian liqueur wines, you can pair it with sweets or biscuits. Or basically, sip it after a meal.

Sicilian sparkling wines

Sicily produces excellent sparkling wines. However, unfortunately, they are not widely known. Various types differ depending on the production process and the origin of the grapes. The colours range from yellow to green to rose. In every case, all are of excellent quality suitable to celebrate a dear event.

Featured photos courtesy of Fabio Ingrosso and Dominc Lockyer

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