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    Sicily Itinerary 7 days – best places


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    On our Quora account, someone asked of What are the best places to visit during a 7-day tour in Sicily?” Feel free also to send us questions there or here on our live chat about Sicily. We will answer as much as we can.

    Sicily Itinerary for 7 days or one week is enough to explore some of the island’s best attractions. However, it will take a lifetime to discover all of the other magical places.

    Sicily is stunning all year long; you will have a lovely time. It depends on what you want to see and where will you start. The island is enormous. Hence, we advise just exploring a small portion and if you enjoy it, come back for more. The authentic Sicilian tour is not just about the places but the experience that you will learn from it.

    Sicily Itinerary 7 days

    There are two major airports, Palermo which is on the north of Sicily and Catania on East Sicily.


    In Palermo, you can visit the historical centre and see the Arab-Norman series of monuments. These are including the Norman Palace, its Palatine Chapel and the cathedral churches of Monreale and Cefalù. Quick trivia, Sicily was occupied by the Arabs, and they were known for their arts and commerce. The Normans followed and ruled the island. They adapted some of the Arab’s works and even hired Muslim artists. The city also has other spectacular buildings and fountains from periods after them. Maybe two days here and its nearby towns will do. You can experience the street food and market scene too after sightseeing.


    From Palermo, Trapani is the next province, there are many winery tours here if you are interested in that. For relaxation, its great beaches will welcome you. You may also visit the Phoenician island of Motya which is located between Trapani and Marsala,


    Sicily’s history with the Greeks is rich. Many Greek colonies stationed on the island for centuries before the Romans took over. Syracuse and Akragas(present-day Agrigento) were both wealthy city-states during the Magna Graecia era.  Here, you can find the Valley of the Temples with its preserved temples as well as ruins. It was the location of Akragas, a wealthy old Greek colony.

    Do you still have enough time to visit other sites? You can limit your seven days tour in these three provinces. Enjoy wandering around small villages, admiring the views and getting to know the locals. Otherwise, you can try to squeeze some more on your itinerary and head to Catania which is 173 km from Agrigento.


    the historical centre boasts fascinating buildings too, churches and gardens, you can start your journey from here too since the other major airport is located in Catania. You can hike to Mount Etna or admire it from afar.


    The hilltop town of Taormina is 55 km from Catania. You will love the views here overlooking Mount Etna and inside the town is the ancient Teatro Greco.


    Syracuse is 66 km from Catania, it has a long history and showcases Sicilian baroque buildings, nearby towns from Syracuse are worth mentioning too such as Noto, Modica, and Ragusa.

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