Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
    free museums italy

    Do you know that the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage a program called #IovadoalMuseo? It offers free entrance every first Sunday of the month to Italy and also Sicily.

    Travelling to Sicily does not need to be expensive with cheap holiday rentals, local services, and projects like this. You can find ways to fit your budget and be creative. Enjoy the unique Sicilian experience without spending too much.

    #IoVadoAlMuseo – Sunday in Italy from October to March

    The #IoVadoAlMuseo is a 20-day free admission tourism movement in Italy. It also is known as the Italy Free Museum Sunday. Everyone can avail the free museum entrance in Italy every first Sunday of the month. Please note that it is only available during Autumn and Winter, from October to March. Museums include historical and excavation sites, galleries, parks and gardens.

    #SettimanadeiMusei – A week in the Museum

    Aside from the Italy Free Sunday, the ministry also introduced another campaign called A week in the Museum. It is usually held around January to March. Six days of free entry to museums and other sites in Italy.

    Some cities also offer cheaper options to tourists travelling in low season months. Please check on the website of the town you want to visit to know more about Italy free tour and entries. They also post updates on their Facebook page. If you are under 18, entry is generally for free. And from 18 to 25 the ticket might cost for as low as 2 euros!

    To know more details about these programs, please visit the official website

    Sunday in Sicily, Italy

    In case you are coming to Sicily, Italy in peak seasons, there are also other free places and homes on the island to explore. We listed here the free and cheapest things to do in Sicily so you can save even more.

    Sunday in Sicily means a lot of things to many people. For a typical Sicilian family, it is a day at the Church and meeting the extended clan afterwards for a weekly reunion. In small villages, many stores only open on mornings too and close down in the afternoon for these reasons. During mid-Spring to the entire Summer, it is a lazy day at the beach, young and old lounging, swimming and having fun. Visiting Sicily museums and galleries is a must, but you do not need to visit them all at once. Pause for a minute. Admire the views, relish the moment. Sicily will speak within you in a way that it will touch your soul.

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    1. I’ve never been to Sicily but it’s good to know the Museums are free on Sundays if I ever travel there. Thank you

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