Valentines Day Ideas in Sicily

Are you thinking of Valentines Day Ideas in Sicily? Worry no more, Sicily got you covered with our romantic list of things to do and see in Sicily. They are guides too if you are planning a Sicily intimate weekend with your partner.


Brief History of Italy – the triumphs and the sorrows

The Brief History of Italy page will discuss the timeline of the history of Italy. How the immortal Rome established the country into what it is today, a nation of beauty and influence. We are not just talking about the current city but the Kingdom, the Republic, and the Supreme Empire. The power that once controlled principal domains all over Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The empire without end.

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Discovering the Valley of the Temples: Facts, Myths and Secrets

Positioned in a mountain ridge outside the town of Agrigento is the great ancient Greek landscape park of the Valley of the Temples, Italians call it Valle dei Tempi and Vaddi di Tempri for the Sicilian locals.

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