5 ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Sicily

Sicily is famous as a dream destination which offers a lovely mix of traditions and plenty of choices for adventures. In case you are looking for the best places to stay for Christmas and New Year breaks, Sicily in Italy is the right island for you. Come and join us as we end the year with amazing memories and welcome a fresh start. Here are the 5 ways to spend New Year’s Eve and the first days of the year in Sicily.

1. Countdown to New Year with a big crowd

new year's eve countdown sicily

Major cities in Sicily, as well as entire Italy, are lively during New Year’s Eve or Il Capodanno. Either city halls or local TV stations organized firework displays and programs. They also invite performers and celebrities to toast together for a better tomorrow with the crowd. The concerts are usually held in city squares which features fascinating views of architectural buildings. In Palermo, the New Year’s Eve events take place in Piazza Politeama while in Catania, they hold it in Piazza Duomo. You can enjoy this night of music, culture and fun counting down to New Year and new beginnings.

2. Traditional New Year’s Eve Dinner

Together with the noise and colours of the fireworks, the Sicily New Year food traditions also make the evening extra special. If you are staying in a holiday rental with a kitchen, we suggest trying out these typical Sicilian cuisines. In case you happen to know a few locals, blending with them and their families in this joyous holiday is also a great experience. Most Sicilian Mammas love cooking a feast for everyone and sharing the meanings of these lucky foods. The traditional tombola or bingo followed the sumptuous dinner. However, if it is not possible, Agriturismo farmhouses will also provide you with this authentic Sicilian feel. Another alternative is reserving a restaurant in the city centre. We advise choosing one with a panoramic view to appreciate the fireworks more or in one of those palace hotels for a fancier New year celebration in Sicily.

3. Dance the year away

new years eve party sicily

New Year’s Eve also means hundreds of after dinner parties taking place in every corner of Sicily from midnight till dawn. From the largest cities to seaside towns and mountain villages. There will always be a club or a hall to dance your year away, either in formal settings or casual scenes. Many sell tickets in advance online through group chats or facebook pages, others, you can come across while exploring or bar hopping. Some of the parties are also by invitation through families, friends or acquaintances.

4. Witness nature’s fireworks in Stromboli

new year in stromboli
photo courtesy of Veronique Mergaux

If Sicily New Year weather condition is suitable and you do not mind travelling by water, head to the Aeolian Islands. Faraway from the noise of the mainland is a paradise of a peaceful panorama. The archipelago has small islands which feature stunning mountainscape and vistas of the beautiful coasts and the blue cobalt sea. Daydreaming and walking are some of the activities you can do here in colder months. For a breathtaking experience during New Year’s Eve, you can join excursion groups that organised trekking to the Stromboli island and witness nature’s blasting fireworks.

5. New Year’s Day Dip

Brave the cold and take your first bath of the year in the Mediterranean sea. Sicily is known for its very mild Winter climate, from around 8 to 15 degrees with bright sunshine frequently. This New Year’s Day dip will be an easy one. Swim together with your loved ones and continue the thrill of New Year’s Eve into the year of excitement and positivity.

What’s more, can you do on New Year’s Eve? Please comment your suggestions below. We love adding cool ideas and helpful tips for our guests.

Happy New Year!

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