How Hosting works in three steps

Learn the best tips to earn from your property, vacation rentals, apartments, and spare rooms, master how hosting works in Sicily, quick and easy. We are an online marketplace for available Sicily holiday rentals and services. Feel free to list with us and let us help you gain more bookings.

We love showing the beauty of Sicily while offering suitable places to tourists. Even more, we are focused on helping create more jobs in Sicily. Our hosts, as well as local providers, offer various services available in Sicily to give our clients great stays.

The team is always on the look for new Sicily properties to add to our database. Unique Sicily homes that we can suggest to our growing number of repeat clients and new guests.

How Hosting works in Sicily? Rent apartment, villas, and rooms.

how hosting works

Receive bookings for your Sicily apartment or other properties in three simple steps.

Add your property

Follow the link to add your property. Fill in the details such as bedroom details, living room, kitchen, amenities, photos, nightly rates and extra fees. We will then verify the details and make the listing for you. You can also choose to be on Direct Booking with your updated calendar. Alternatively, you can choose the by Request option by receiving inquiries.

Agata Superior Room in Catania garden

To edit the property details or for any changes, feel free to contact us.

Start receiving bookings

With our effective marketing campaigns as well as growing good Google visibility standing, guest can easily find your listing and book it. We will also offer them on email and phone inquiries too. Some clients prefer talking with the owners before making a booking, and it is possible with the page’s message feature.

After the guest book, you will receive a booking confirmation together with the contact details of the guests, price breakdown and his arrival details.

how hosting works booking

Enjoy Hosting

Enjoy hosting is the most important advice that we can give. Treat it as a chance to meet new people while exploring new cultures. We also post articles about Host and Guest stories on our blog page. It is to share more about this amazing experience. We have also listed the terms and policies to note when adding your property on the site.

The usual minimum stay of a listing is 3 to 5 nights or a week. You can put your terms when you add the rental together with their nightly or weekly rates. We have many clients inquiring about the long term too. For the monthly or long term rentals, please let us know by email on . We will make sure to offer your property.

In case you are looking for companies or people to handle cleaning as well as check-ins for you, you can see more details here.

how hosting works