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    Host Terms and Conditions – booking type and policy

    The Host Terms and Conditions apply to the hosts such as the property managers, owners, and greeters. Anyone who is also listing their Sicily holiday rentals or on behalf of the owner on the website. When you add your property to the site, it serves as your host sign-up. Even more, as a host, you guarantee that the ownership details are correct and accurate. And that the photos are also the exact description of the property. By using the site, you also agree to our General Terms and Conditions.

    Adding your Property

    For any changes about your contact or property details and rates, you may contact us by email on [email protected]


    We charge the 10% online prepayment from the guests for every booking made on the site. It serves as our commission and it is not refundable. We add this on top of your net price when you add your property.

    The balance(your net price) is due to you(Owner) on arrival plus the refundable damage deposit if you require one. You can add your payment terms may it be in cash or credit card. If the guest request to pay the total amount upfront by credit card, with your agreement, it is possible. We will charge the full amount and the 5% transaction cost from the guest’s card. We will send you the exact amount due by bank transfer a day after his(Guest) arrival.

    After your first booking with us, you can arrange to receive advanced payment from guests directly. You can also add your payment terms on the property page. For example, if you would like to require a portion of the balance due in advance. If canceled within the allowed cancellation policy, you should refund the guests based on your policy. We add your exact host terms and conditions on your property page.

    Booking Type

    At the time of listing, you can choose to publish your listing on Direct Booking. Alternatively, you can put it on Request complying with the following requirements but not limited to:

    1. Direct Booking

    The Property should have an updated calendar and rates in the listing. The property is also bookable at any time on the website to any site visitors.

    As soon as a guest book a Direct Booking property, the booking is already a confirmed reservation. We send automated booking confirmation emails with all the necessary details. This is including the Host and Guest contact details. It also has details such as the price breakdown and the address. The Host must contact the Guest punctually to verify the receipt of the confirmation email and send the check-in instructions.

    2. Reservation Request

    The property does not require an updated calendar in the listing. Although we suggest having one to turn inquiries to bookings quickly. The rates should be accurate too. Site visitors can request the property to check its availability; We will send you the guests’ dates and inquiries by email.

    There are three options on the inquiry email. These are including, confirm the availability, to decline it entirely, or to offer alternative properties. If the Accommodation is available, the guest will receive an availability confirmation email. The email has a secure link to book the property and pay the 10% booking deposit.

    It is a confirmed booking as soon as the guest books through the secure link. We will then send booking confirmation emails with all the booking details. It includes the Host and Guest contact information. The email has a price breakdown as well as the address. The Host must contact the Guest to verify the receipt of the email and send the check-in directions.

    Listing Verified

    All information and photos submitted to the Site are subject to verification. Our listing team will also review the content. We will contact you for more questions and decide to enable your listing online. We will also help in making the listing clear and detailed to future guests.

    Third-Party Websites

    To attract more clients globally, with your prior permission, we may list your property on other Websites. We will inform you by email before posting the listing on those sites. We will advise you about the Terms and Conditions and payment requirements applied to those third-party websites.

    Cancellations by Guests

    You may choose your required cancellation policy through this link. We post the cancellation policy on your listing page.

    Cancellation by Hosts

    In the event that you need to cancel your booking, please contact us by email or live chat ASAP. We can assist in resolving the issue and informing the guests. If you have another property to provide as an alternative, you may offer it to the guests. Please contact the guests directly about the possibility of relocation and put us in the copy on your email. You should offer the rental at the same price as the original booking.

    House Rules and Minimum Requirements

    You may also indicate your house rules on your listing so future guests are aware of their duties as your guests.

    The Accommodation

    The main goal of SicilyShortStay Host Terms and Conditions is to maintain the standard of the property. The guest should expect clean and maintained accommodation. The Sicily holiday rental should include towels and linens.

    Damages and Complaints is a listing website. Our services are limited to publishing and helping the Host and the Guests. It is only about the online accommodation booked on our Site. Hence, we are not part of the rental agreement. Our responsibility is rather limited to the booking deposit paid by guests. Complaints and damage concerns should be discussed between the Host and the Guests. Should you need our help with following up the issue, we are always here to help.

    Our General Terms and Conditions

    Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for general terms applied to all users of the Site; Website visitors, Host, Service Providers and Guests. Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on