Moving To Sicily – steps and details for relocating

There are a bunch of reasons, people look to moving to Sicily. Perhaps this thought ‘I want to move to Sicily’ suddenly cross their mind after witnessing its beauty. Some for personal reasons like reuniting with family, a partner got a job here, another wants to discover her roots or they hear somewhere that the island offers a sweet escape.

Setting into another place or further, a new country is a big decision. It is exciting and unfolds interesting thoughts. However, it does require a lot of planning and considerations. We are discussing below a guide to starting your preparation. You may also download the PDF copy of this checklist below so it is handy.

Stay in Sicily for a couple of months or more

We assume you already visited Sicily and its charm amazed you. There is so much to take in on this spectacular island.

Whether you travel by car or public transport, there are so many attractions to see and things to experience. One day, you pass by the ancient Greek temples of Agrigento and in just one ride, you can be sitting in one corner admiring the stunning hilltop towns of Erice and Taormina. If you are into culture trips, walking the historic centres of Palermo and Catania is the best. The Palermo Cathedral and the small churches and Sicilian Baroque buildings nearby boast a few of Sicily’s most notable architectures. In Catania, the Sant Agata Cathedral, the University square and the landscape of Mount Etna will welcome you. Sicily is also rich in natural resources such as its beautiful beaches, lakes, hills, and volcanoes. Food adventures in this region are not to miss too, Sicilian cuisines are one of the most celebrated foods in Italy.

Visiting Sicily and seeing all these wonderful traits is different from actually moving in and living the Sicilian life. It is not always a dolce vita but experiencing the glory and hardship that comes with it is truly a once in a lifetime journey.

Get your papers ready

Evaluate your finances

Will you rent or own?