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    Sicily Cost of Living | Tips and prices

    sicily cost of living

    Sicily cost of living depends on many factors; your lifestyle, your needs, and what you want to accomplish during your stay in Sicily.

    Organizing a holiday in Sicily? The island offers its visitors the best of both worlds. It can be super cheap and extremely expensive. Add car rentals, honeymoon specials, restaurant bills, hotel accommodations, and more to your list. If you intend to move to Sicily, you’ll find out that many things are very affordable here. Most of the time, they are free too.

    Sicily Cost of Living

    Is it really possible to settle in Sicily on a budget? Absolutely! But it depends on the kind of lifestyle you prefer. With 1000 euro to 1500 euro monthly budget, you can fairly live your dream of la dolce vita. Of course, if you can shell out a bit more, the better. There are also more chances for you to enjoy the island’s exclusive luxury wonders.

    Here are the things to consider about Sicily cost of living. Enjoy your stay!

    Jobs in Sicily

    Unemployment, as well as lack of labor opportunities, have always been an issue in this southern part of Italy. Together with good connections, finding a job in Sicily for locals is easy. However, finding a decent-paying job with great benefits is quite difficult. Generally, business owners will offer a below-average rate leaving only enough wages to put food on the table.

    teach english in sicily

    Looking for work for foreigners and expats is challenging but doable. Sites such as Subito or Bakeca can help you in finding a prospective employer. I found my first job of 8 years on subito. If you are not fluent with Italian yet, most large municipalities conduct language lessons. They are particularly for immigrants and are usually free. There are also multiple Facebook groups dedicated to job searching. You may also expat communities which can provide you with advice, tips and answers to your questions. Networking is the key to establishing professional and social relationships. In case you are a native English speaker, there are many teaching jobs available in Sicily. Tourism-related companies like and businesses such as bars, shops, hotels and restaurants are always in need of multilingual staffs. Hence, feel free to inquire on their sites or their stores directly with your prepared resume.

    Apartment or Villa? Rent or Own?

    Have you heard the news about houses for sale for 1 euro? It’s true by all means that they are offering the homes at that price. Although, there is a catch. It is on the condition that you will renovate the house within two years after you bought it. They are usually located in mountain villages.

    long term rental sicily

    Owning a home depends on your financial capabilities. Your commitment is obviously the main factor. It is to whether you would like to live in Sicily for many years. You see buying a house as an investment. The rule of thumb for buying or renting a property is ‘farther from the sea or the city centre, the cheaper’. Prices range from 100,000 to 500,000 euros. While rent starts from as low as 500 euros to 1000 euros and more.

    Apartments on historical centres tend to have expensive values and higher rents than the ones a few stops away. We love classical high ceiling flats with Baroque architecture. But it’s all about personal preference. There will always be an old and modern style selection. This is in any city or even small towns, you want to live. If you are planning to buy a house, please let us know. Inform us where and we will help research options for you. For renting an apartment or a villa for short and long term, you may contact us on

    Grocery List and Prices

    • Pasta, bread, rice, wholegrain, and cereal foods. Like in all of Italy, pasta is the common food in a Sicilian table. Price per kilo is about 60 cent to 1 euro. Next is bread which is 1 euro or less for half a kilo. There are a variety of bread types and it is different in every village. Rice and other cereal foods tend to be pricier from 1 to 2 euro per kilo.
    • Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts The price of the vegetables and fruits varies, fruits on the season are much cheaper. On the streets during Winter, you will see oranges being sold at 2 to 3 euros for 5 kilos, one box of strawberries about the same price and tons of cherries on Summer. Usual favourites like zucchini and cucumbers are around 50 cents per piece or at least where I lived.
    • Lean meats and chicken Same rule as everywhere, beef is more expensive, about double the price of the chicken from 7 euros to 13 euros per kilo depending on the cut. Many supermarkets offer weekly discounts.
    • Fish and seafood
    • Cheese, salami, prosciutto and other salumi
    • Pizza, paninis, arancini
    • Wine, beer, soda and other beverages
    • Regular restaurant bill


    Lifestyle Options (City, Mountain and Beach Living)

    • City Living
    • Mountain Life
    • Beach Life

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