Parking Information – where to park

Are you coming to Sicily by car or renting a car from the airport? Here are some tips about driving in Sicily and below you can find the basic parking information on the island.

Street Parking Information in Sicily

Sicily has both free and paid street parking available. However, in major cities, it can be a bit difficult to find a space so paid parking or parking garages are the other solutions.

Street Parking Basic: White street line usually means that it’s free. Although, there are some spaces that are reserved for residents who lived nearby. Look out for this sign and if there is nothing, you are free to park. The blue street line indicates that it is paid to park. You can purchase the ticket from electronic payment kiosk nearby.

There are areas in Palermo where cars are not allowed and can on be accessed by foot, so you have to park a little farther away.

Towns like Ortygia reserved the street parking for residents only so the best place to park is at the entrance of the old town in Riva della Posta or a little farther at Talete Deck for €1.

Parking Garages in Sicily

The following is a list of Parking Garage locations, in order of number of spaces..

Parking Orlando is a multi-storey car park, easy to find. Cheap rates if you book online 24 hours

Driving around city centres

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