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Please view the complete guide to the seven gems of the Aeolian Islands

We are repeating it, Sicily is a dream because it is. The Aeolian islands are some of the reasons that make this region truly, truly fascinating. The volcanic islands are like gems spread over on the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. They also boast stunning views of nature from mountain ranges, volcanoes, and unspoilt beaches. There are several tiny islands on the archipelago, the major islands include Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, as well as Filicudi and Alicudi. UNESCO assigned them as a world heritage site not only for their beauty but also their impressive history.

Fun Things to on the Aeolian Islands

Choose among the seven islands or tour all of them at once. You can reach the islands by ferries from the ports of Milazzo or Messina. Further, you may rent a private boat or yacht to go from one place to another. Experience all the islands and create more stories. There are also plenty of exciting activities to keep you busy on these islands from hiking, trekking, swimming, diving and more.

Moreover, for people interested in history, there are significant sites to explore too and myths to learn. Are you looking for a secluded place to relax or reflect in life? We suggest picking the smaller islands. They will provide you with a peaceful holiday.


Get lost in the beauty of Lipari with its panorama of the blue sky reflected on the sea against the backdrop of the mountains. There are also historical places to see such as the ancient castle with other archaeological sites on a steep hill overlooking the port. The Norman Cathedral and the museum are great to visit too. Marina Lunga, Canneto, Acquacalda are some of the pristine beaches to enjoy, and there are many more. The island has the most commercial businesses than the other ones so you can have pretty much everything you might need.

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The Vulcano island will welcome your arrival with its volcanic scent, a bearable but dizzying sulphur odour. The smell is a reminder that Vulcano, once believed as the sacred place, is quietly active. It is watching over the curious adventurers who want to explore it. Hiking is a must on the island. You can pass by by fantastic rock formations and fumaroles. To mudbath or not? Another Vulcano’s most exciting activity is muddy puddling or muddy bathing. The vast beaches of Vulcano are also relaxing options. Either Black or white? Together with the crowd or away somewhere? Cold or hot? All depends on your liking.


Hold your breath while you witness the splendour of Mother Nature. The Stromboli island will give you the chance to experience surely, the incredible. Travellers visit the island to observe in particular the Strombolian eruptions. It is a continuous mild light blast that can happen to any volcano and in effect, named after the island. Hiking up to the volcano is possible so long as you are in guided tours. Everyone in the group will be in awe while you all wait for the volcanic bombs that burst every few minutes. Views from the top, the sea, or from its black beaches, are equally spectacular.


Immerse yourself into this paradise. Salina is in the very centre of the Aeolian Islands, its greenest island with woods, trees, all kinds of flowers and farms of vineyards. It will offer you its authentic Sicilian flair from foods, colours, and ambience. The landscapes are also so dramatic, showing both the sea and other islands nearby. They are like majestic poems to our eyes. Salina has its polarity; it can be fun and active on one side and tranquil on the other. There are plenty of activities for everyone. From wandering the villages and pebbled beaches to trekking the highest mountain.

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The smallest, perhaps the prettiest and basically the most expensive among the Aeolian’s significant islands. Panarea bags a chic status as VIPs’ favourite island. Anyone is free to check it out and have a glimpse of the island. Although, you might find out that places to eat and stay here are very dear, sometimes almost ridiculously. However, don’t let that stop you. The sceneries of Panarea is like the others, totally jaw-dropping with its narrow streets and uniform white houses. If you love fun events, Panarea has a very active night scene with exciting social events and private parties.


Filicudi is more than just a summer getaway. It is the real spirit of a dreamy serene escape. Meditate in life or swim away from all your worries. This island is not as modern as the others. However, it has a unique, arresting charm. There are not many stores, very, very few. The real appeal of Filicudi is its wilderness and rough edges that you can rarely see anywhere else. It feels surreal to walk while admiring the splendid views. You can also rent a scooter to find more of its hidden treasures. It’s an intimate journey, especially on low seasons.


Alicudi is like Filicudi. People here live a simple lifestyle. They are learning to be satisfied with what they have. What the island can offer is enough which include the magic of nature and harmony. It is a small island, so the residents know each other, and they share the same love and respect for the island. Many artists and writers stayed on the island to get inspiration for their works while some want to get away from the modern noise.

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