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FILICUDI of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily is one of the fascinating gems of the Eolie archipelago. It is also among the prettiest and most stunning among them. The group of small islands is part of the Sicilian region and a boat away from mainland Sicily.

FILICUDI Aeolian Islands of Sicily
FILICUDI Aeolian Islands of Sicily

Travel Guide – Filicudi Aeolian Islands of Sicily

It feels good to find a place where you can throw away all your worries as well as forget all the negativity even for a short time. That is what Filicudi of the Aeolian Islands is all about. More than an escape, the island will save your desire to breathe again. Live and appreciate the simplest wonders of life. The sight of the blue sky, the sound of the endless sea and everything in between.

Filicudi is one of the smallest islands of Eolie and part of the town of Lipari in the province of Messina, Unlike the larger islands, it is a little undeveloped which is its desirable charm. Without the noise of modern life, you will be able to re-evaluate what really matters. Hear the peacefulness of your mind and heart. If that is the kind of holiday you’re looking for, we recommend visiting Filicudi. Admire its rocky cliffs with spectacular panoramas as well as wide and mysterious caves. A beautiful sanctuary, ideal for divers and nature lovers.

Map Location

You can reach Filicudi from mainland Sicily through the port of Milazzo using the hydrofoil services or boat rentals. Another solution is to hire a helicopter.


  • Capo Graziano
  • Filo Braccio
  • Grotta del Bue Marino
  • La Canna
  • Filicudi Museum
  • Piazza di Ficarrisi

Things to do in Filicudi of Aeolian Islands of Sicily

Check out our list of best things do to in Filicudi and feel free to also add your personal favourites.


Start your adventure from the port to trekking Filicudi’s highest peak, Monte Fooda delle Felci. During your journey, you can pass by captivating scenic views and imposing ancient sites.

Explore excavated villages

Capo Graziano and Filo Braccio are prehistoric sites between 2300 and 1500 BC. The archaeological area of Capo Graziano displays the housing structures of the island’s early inhabitants. They seem to be circular huts with dry walls built next to each other. It is astonishing to discover that even though Filicudi is far from the mainland and other islands in the Mediterranean, there are still shreds of evidence that connect it to other communities thousands of years ago. The ceramics found in Capo Graziano is similar to those found in Aegean.

If the Capo Graziano is on the higher ground, Filo Braccio is in the lower part by the sea. At the site, ancient remains were excavated similar to those found in Capo Graziano. There were ruins of circular wall formation too. Many speculations suggest that the early inhabitants moved from Filo Braccio to Capo Graziano as a defensive strategy to better protect themselves from the enemy’s invasion.

Learn the history of the island

Filicudi is not only an island for relaxation but also for exploration. From water sports activities, hiking its hills and uncovering its past. The excavated items found from the ancient villages are preserved at the Museum di Filicudi or also known as the Museum L. Bernabò Brea. It is small but authentically unique and currently houses the artefacts of the island’s olden periods.

Beach hopping

After understanding its history, there are a few pebbled beaches where you can head to relax, You may rent a sunbed and umbrella. You can really enjoy privacy and serenity in Filicudi.

Discover natural beauties by boat

By boat, you can access these two magical creations of nature. Grotta del Bue Marino or Cave of the Ox Marine is accessible only by the sea. It is an enchanting place that is very apt to its name, a big size refuge with water so blue and crystal clear. Dive, swim or just admire the amazing view. While La Canna is like a tower-shaped by nature. It stands high in the middle of the ocean near Filicudi. It offers a beautiful sight from the boat. Together with the nearby Montenassari rock, it is a natural reserve which only allows entry with scientific purposes and research.


Filicudi and its caves, coves and surrounding pristine waters also provide excellent diving destinations for divers. Grotta dei Gamberi, La Secca dei Sei Metri and Secca di Capo Graziano are some of the sites that you should not miss if you enjoy immersing into the underwater world.

Admire its panoramic corners

You will see the splendid views of Filicudi and Tyrrenian sea from every corner you look. The most notable of all is the view from the little Piazza di Ficarrisi to the north. Passing by, you will also encounter the island’s rich gardens and tranquil trails. In the south, Belvedere di Stimpagnato retains a mystical vibe, especially during sunsets. The smallest things in life will give the deepest meaning.


Wait for the sunset and enjoy the calmness of the island. There is nothing much to do in Filicudi during the night except cherishing the quiet moments. In case you want to connect with locals, the beach of Pecorini a mare has a few fish restaurants around. A simple and genuine place to hang out too is at the Filicudi Saloon. You can grab a beer with friends while munching tasty delicacies.

Food and Festivals

Cooking in Filicudi revolve around the freshest produce grown on the island such as wild fennels, capers and olives. The cuisines are also rich with fish and seafood ingredients.

Here are events and festivals held on the island.

  • La Biennale of Arts Filicudi – The event is usually held during Summer every two years showcasing masterpieces of various sculptors, designers, painters, photographers, and architects.
  • Feast of Saint Stephen – August 3
  • Holy Week Procession

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