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LIPARI of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily is one of the seven gems of the Eolie archipelago. It is also the largest and very historically rich. The group of small islands is part of the Sicilian region and a boat away from mainland Sicily.

Travel Guide – Lipari of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily

Lipari serves as the municipality of the Aeolian islands as well as the archipelago’s largest island. In case you decide to travel and tour the island, it is best to head to Lipari. Make it your main base. You can either stay in a hotel or rent other types of accommodations. Since the town is like any other towns in Sicily, you can find. There are different types of businesses here as well as restaurants serving Italian and Sicilian cuisines and freshest seafood.

Map Location

From mainland Sicily, it is 30 km, and you can reach it by ferry from Milazzo.


Acropolis (Castello, Lipari Cathedral, Museum and more)

Near the island coast, the best place to visit is the ancient acropolis of Lipari. The old city will take you to various eras that transformed Lipari. From the remains of the prehistoric settlers to the influences of the Greeks, Romans, Arab Normans and Spanish. It is an archaeological jewel divided into different sections and united in one purpose. To conserve the beauty and thousands of years of history of the Aeolians.

Behind its fortified walls is the Castello di Lipari, a fascinating ruin that boasts an even more majestic panorama of the Tyrrenian sea. It served as the fortress of Sicily’s previous rulers. Today, it is home to the Aeolian Regional Archaeological Museum and other historical buildings that is worth exploring. Like Salina and Filicudi, the larger Lipari museum stores the artefacts dug around the area.

Also within the excavation site is the Lipari Cathedral or the Concattedrale di San Bartolomeo. It is the central worship place in Lipari and a remarkable architecture with its Norman cloisters. The cathedral was built over a Greek temple around the early 12th century and it was later rebuilt. Tunnel vaults and other designs were added after. From the frescos to the marble altars, statues and paintings, When you enter the carraia gate on the north-west side, you can also pass by the Saint Catherine church. There were other two old churches dedicated to Saint Mary. Traces of ancient settlement such as the drywall huts, necropolis and amphitheatre also preserved in the area.

Terme di San Calogero

The thermal bath resort is used as a museum showcasing the history of ancient hot springs on the island. It was in operation from 1872 until 1975 and recently transformed into an education exhibition area.

Cave of Kaolin

In Quattropani, you can walk the path to the abandoned Cave of Kaolin, a former quarry for kaolin mineral extraction. It’s also a great spot to admire the vista of Lipari as well as the rocks’ variety of colours.

Chiesa Vecchia di Quattropani

The church square offers one of the most breathtaking views of the Aeolian islands.


By boat, you can access the crystal clear water of Faraglioni where you can swim, dive and snorkel.

Things to do in Lipari of Aeolian Islands of Sicily

The island is vast with both naturalistic and historic appeal. So aside from admiring its picturesque places, there are many fun things to do in Lipari too.

  • You can explore it by car, walking, trekking or renting a scooter.
  • Wandering around here is always fascinating, so many exciting places to discover.
  • From trekking Quattropani to Acquacalda and witnessing the panorama of Salina and the northern Aeolian islands
  • Exploring the abandoned quarries in Kaolin and Porticello, the choices are endless.
  • For water activities, the crystal clear water surrounding the islands will treat to a lovely holiday. There are many options on beaches such as Spiaggia Valle Muria. It is a secluded pebble beach that is quite challenging to get to since you can only walk to the path down the beach. But the work out is worth it because the view and the water are stunning; actually, every corner of Aeolian is charming.
  • It also includes the Faraglioni rock on the south of Lipari. It offers a unique experience, popular with divers and snorkelling enthusiasts.


Lipari by night is very lively during Summer with its many restaurants, pizzerias, cocktail bars as well as clubs to enjoy the music, dance and have fun. Start off with an aperitivo in any cafes on the main street Corso Vittorio Emanuele, followed by a sumptuous dinner. Ristorante da Filippino and Ristorante il Corallo are some of the highest-rated dining places in Lipari.

Food and Festivals

Taste the flavours of the Mediterranean in Lipari. You can choose from the many options of authentic Sicilian cuisines. From their local’s take to the usual Italian favourites to the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish and condiments on the island. Lipari is also famous for its Malvasia di Lipari dry wine.

  • Holy Week in Lipari – April 15 to 21
  • Aeolian Islands Market Show – June 1 to 2
  • Feast of San BartolomeoAugust 21 to 24
  • Folkmare, Festival del Folklore– September 5 to 9
  • Fish Festival – September 24 to 26
  • Bread and Wine Festival – November 10 to 11
  • Presepe del Mare month-long Christmas events in Lipari

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