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PANAREA of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily is one of the seven gems of the Eolie archipelago. It is the smallest among the islands offers a spectacular view of the Aeolian. The group of islands is part of the Sicilian region and a boat away from mainland Sicily.

PANAREA of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily

One of the most stylish places in the Mediterranean and also gloriously stunning, the celebrity island of Panarea. It is often coined as the Summer escape of the rich and the famous which is partly true. Many even bought their homes here and throw exclusive parties during the hot season. Staying as well as dining on the island can be super expensive too. However, don’t let these stories stop you from visiting. You can always do a day trip to Panarea and the other islands nearby. Best renting a private boat so you can enjoy it more.

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More than its stature in the social scene, Panarea is small with unspoiled, wild charm and like the rest of Aeolians, the sceneries are also breathtaking. A view that will leave one speechless. From the blue sea to the green hills, white houses, yellow-black sand and pebbles, greyish-brown rock formation and a colourful vibe. Panarea truly exudes a magnificent beauty.

Things to do in Panarea of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily

There are no cars in Panarea, only electric taxis(golf cart) which can take you from one point to another. Wandering around by foot is ideal too where you can admire the panorama and experience the local culture. You may also rent a boat to reach more magical sites. Here are the best places to explore in Panarea.


San Pietro Church and streets

The village of San Pietro is the central area of ​​Panarea where its port and very few establishments are located. From hotels, bed and breakfast, restaurants, bars and service rentals. You can also visit the very intimate and solemn Chiesa di San Pietro. The church has simple but beautiful interiors balanced with the picturesque vista of the sea.

Panarea Nature Reserve

The Riserva Naturale Orientata Isola di Panarea e Scogli Viciniori boasts the paradise beauty of the island. It has a fantastic landscape rich in flora and fauna and several types of species. Perfect for both nature and sports lover who adore walking or trekking while living in the moment.

Cala Junco and the prehistoric village

Remains of an ancient settlement are still evident here and believed to be from the Bronze Age. The archaeological site has ruins of 23 oval stone huts strategically built on a cliff for fortification. Going down the steep rock is the splendid Junco cove beach with its crystal clear waters and fascinating sceneries.

Cove of Zimmari
Spiaggia della Calcara


Hotel Raya Panarea

The rave about Hotel Raya Panarea is true and we are not paid to say so. It provides one of the most amazing views of the Stromboli and other surrounding islands. The hotel is also picture perfect with its simple and elegant design that will complete a really relaxing and magical ambience. You can stay or dine in at their terrace restaurant.

Food and Festivals

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