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STROMBOLI of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily is one of the seven pearls of the Eolie archipelago. It is a fascinating work of nature. The group of small islands is part of the Sicilian region and a boat away from mainland Sicily.

STROMBOLI of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily

Hold your breath while you witness the splendour of Mother Nature. The Stromboli island will give you the chance to experience surely, the incredible. Travellers visit the island to observe the active volcano of Stromboli. It is in a continuous activity called the Strombolian eruptions where you can hear the mild light blast and witness the lava slide down the side of the volcano. Hiking up is possible so long as you are on guided tours and there is no alert report. It is also challenging to go up but will be all worth it. Everyone in the group will be in awe while you all wait for the volcanic bombs that burst every few minutes. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to see such a phenomenon.

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Things to do in Stromboli of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily

There was nothing much to do in Stromboli but really stop for a moment and appreciate its naturalistic appeal. Views from the top, the sea, or from its black seashores, are also equally spectacular. Almost every corner of Stromboli offers extraordinary magic. If the weather allows, you can go swimming on its cobalt blue waters and beach coves. A few hotels and guesthouses are available in case you want to stay longer. There are restaurants that serve organic foods from farm to table and freshly caught fish cooked in the most authentic Sicilian way.


Stromboli Volcano
  • Hiking the volcano
  • Ficogrande beach
  • Grotta di Eolo
  • Strombolicchio
  • Spiaggia Lunga
San Bartolo
  • Chiesa di San Bartolo
San Vincenzo
  • Museo del cinema di Stromboli
  • Casa di Bergman & Rossellini
  • Chiesa di San Vincenzo
  • Villaggio di San Vincenzo (villaggio preistorico)
  • Forgia Vecchia beach


Food and Festivals

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