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VULCANO of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily is one of the seven gems of the Eolie archipelago. It is where the word volcano got its name, the landscape treasure of the Mediterranean. The group of small islands is part of the Sicilian region and a boat away from mainland Sicily.

VULCANO of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily

The Vulcano island will welcome your arrival with its volcanic scent, natural beauty and stunning sceneries from the path up to its fuming crater and the spectacular view of the blue sea and its black beaches. Upon arrival, you can already smell a bearable but dizzying sulphur odour. The smell is a reminder that Vulcano, once believed as the sacred place, is quietly active. It is watching over the curious adventurers who want to explore it. However, aside from that, Vulcano is magically amazing and great to explore with family and friends.

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Vulcano got its name from the Vulcano, the ancient Roman god of fire. The island’s history dated back thousands of years ago and like Mount Etna, there were also many stories surrounding it. It includes the myth that it was an Island of the Dead where dead people were transported to be purified by the god of fire through sacred rites.

Things to do in Vulcano of the Aeolian Islands of Sicily

Check out our list of things to do on the island of Vulcano.


Hiking is a must on the island. You can pass by by fantastic rock formations and fumaroles as you climb up to witness nature’s wonder. A great excursion everyone can experience since walking up to the crater is not too overwhelming. Make sure to wear proper shoes and bring water as it may take two hours or so to up and down.


To mudbath or not? Another Vulcano’s most exciting activity is muddy puddling or muddy bathing. There is a strong smell of sulphur but the experience is similar to a hot spring, fun and relaxing, a natural outdoor spa. Don’t forget to wear slippers as the heat might burn your feet.

Beach hopping

The vast beaches of Vulcano are also relaxing options. Either Black or white? Together with the crowd or away somewhere? Cold or hot? All depends on your liking.


  • La Baia Negra
  • Piscina di Venere
  • Gelso Beach
  • Beach Punta dell’Asino


Food and Festivals

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