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Please view the complete guide to Cefalù, its churches and pristine beaches.

The stories we made in Cefalù are ones for the book. This small city is a few kilometres away from Sicily’s capital Palermo. It is definitely charming and one of the island’s treasured villages. Its medieval flair is evident by the narrow brick lane leading to its historic centre, a labyrinth of small centenarian churches and renovated old houses. Standing tall in the middle of it is the Cefalù Cathedral. The church features the combined architecture of Arab-Norman-Byzantine style, truly an impressive work of art and a symmetrical symbol of various cultures that influenced Sicily.

From Cefalù beach, one will wonder if they are looking at a perfectly depicted painting. All elements to make it exquisitely beautiful is there. The dramatic sky is often reflecting its cobalt blue colour into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Someone is daydreaming, but that rocky mountain seems like it was positioned there for a reason. It is poetically framing the picturesque town of Cefalù with half of the cathedral slightly peeking. The rows of nearly worn houses match with their same red brick roofs give the sight a unique character.

Fun things to do in Cefalù

We love Winter morning strolls in Cefalu, the weather is cold but not snowy cold.