Car Rentals and Getting Around

How Sicily Car Rentals work? We listed the things you need to know before renting a car in Sicily. We also added our list of suggested car rental companies with high-quality service and affordable rates.

Recommended Sicily Car Rentals

Your Sicilian Trip

Are you excited about your Sicilian trip? Or anxious about all the planning?

Sicily is new territory. In the literal sense, when it comes to the language, traditions and rules. It is also a heavenly place that anyone would love to explore. Admire its wonders of nature, mountains, forests, and beaches, and most of the world’s historic treasures. There are also plenty of museums, churches, castles and more remains of the past. The island is vast and there are so many things to discover.

Getting around in major cities is easy with public transportation. However, if you would like to really get to know Sicily, we recommend a road trip to its far away provinces and charming villages. You can have a taste of how breathtaking la dolce vita is. 

Travel driving tips and Cautions

Here are our travel tips for foreigner drivers or anyone unfamiliar with the Sicily roads:

  • Relax. Driving in Sicily is not that bad. Like in any place on earth, there are the unruly drivers and the more civilised kind.
  • If you are coming from countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and more, make sure you are comfortable driving the other side.
  • Your International driver license issued from your home country will do. However, if you are staying in Sicily or anywhere in Italy for more than a year, you need to get it converted into an Italian one. It is not always possible, and you might be required to take a written and practical driving test to get an Italian license. Please note that the test is in Italian so you need to know basic Italian.
  • When everything is already in order, turn on the radio to set the mood. You can listen to lovely songs while enjoying your Sicily road trip. We usually tune in to Radio Montecarlo
  • Always respect the speed limit in autostrada to avoid fines and for a safer journey. There are Autovelox almost everywhere on the island.
  • In general, practise defensive driving, expecting the unexpected. It applies from high ways to narrow streets.
  • Open your eyes and mind, not only with other drivers but also pedestrians and the cyclists.
  • Lock the car windows on intersection stops or when parking for security measures.
  • Be familiar with parking basics. Usually, the white line means its free but not all the time. There are some neighbourhoods that reserved them for residents only. You should see a sign indication, if there is nothing then you are free to park. Blue stripes mean that you need to pay to park. You can purchase the ticket from electronic payment kiosk nearby. You can see more parking information about street and parking garages here.

Getting a driving licence here

If you are planning to get a driver’s licence in Sicily, any cities or countries within the European Union, you can see the important guidelines through this link. Please note that the driving test in Sicily is done in Italian.