Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

    Air Balloon Ride – fly and explore

    Fancy an Air Balloon Ride in Sicily? It is totally possible! Who says you can only explore the island by sea and land? Flying makes the Sicily trip more unique and exciting.

    SicilyShortStay wants to offer you the best services possible to especially give you an amazing Sicily stay. Aside from our listing accommodations, we also collaborated with other service providers. We partnered up together with hot air balloon rides companies all over Sicily. It is to provide you with options to try this unusual activity. You can basically enjoy the ride anywhere you are on the island. Create more lovely memories with your family or friends. The region without a doubt will offer you some of the most breathtaking views of the world. Imagine seeing the beauty of Sicily from a bird’s eye view. You can get to see sights you’ve never seen before. These places are sometimes cannot be reached by foot. And the sky is the only way to get a glimpse of them.

    Air Balloon Ride in Sicily

    With attention to safety and details, the hot air balloon companies made sure that the balloons are registered and passed inspections. All their pilots have experience and certification to fly them too. You can choose among their organized itinerary routes

    Passenger capacity depends on the size of the baskets, some usually hold 5 to 12 people maximum. Hot air balloon tours will allow you to have a great time in the free space of Sicily. Admire the wonderful views and free all your worries.

    Book your Air Balloon Trip in Sicily with now. Whether it’s your first time or your next ride, you will surely have a great time!

    We offer other aerial activities too such as paragliding, kite surfing, private flights, helicopter rides and more. If you are into extreme sports or like enjoying the waters instead, Sicily has everything for you.