Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

    Best Boat Rental and Sailing Trips

    Select the best boat sailing tours in Sicily with SicilyShortStay. A journey you will definitely enjoy and remember for a long, long time.

    Whether you are travelling alone, a couple, family or group of friends, there are sailing tours available for you in Sicily. Let the Mediterranean’s natural wonders take your breathe away. SicilyShortStay assembled the best boat sailing tours in Sicily below. We have several sailing options for you. Find the ones according to your fancy. Forget all your worries and relax your mind in the beauty of this island we proudly call Sicily.

    Best Boat Sailing Tours in Sicily

    Firstly, let us know what you need and what you want. Are you interested in island hopping? Perhaps a boat transport to historical sites as an alternative to taking public transportation by land. There are plenty of choices from romantic cruises, group tours and sunset sailing. You can also rent a boat for a day trip or sail around and let the professional crew sail you! If you are into diving, there are activities to navigate and explore the underwater world of Sicily too.

    1. Yacht Sailing

    Discover the beauty of Sicily with elegance. Because you deserve the best, we will provide you with the best. The yacht crew will pamper you with all the services and amenities you might need such as mini bar, special menus, spa treatments, massage, and tour guides. Everything necessary to make sure you have a great holiday.

    2. Island Hopping at Aeolians

    The Aeolian archipelago has seven main islands and with our list of boat rentals, you can easily tour the islands and reach cove beaches which can only be accessed by water. You can start your journey from the mainland Sicily in Milazzo to the largest island Lipari, hop from one island to another and wander for a few hours.

    3. Romantic Cruise

    4. Sunset Sailing

    5. Sea transport to Historical tours

    6. Boat Rentals