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    Discover Agrigento and Palermo – history and culture

    This Sicily holiday is a tailored trip around the hilltop and coastal city of Agrigento, where you will experience not only the ancient urban archaeology but also true, rural life. Then Palermo, a melting pot of different cultures, where friendly people will make you feel part of the city.

    From 2445 € / person | 8 days | excluding flight

    The trip is ideal for

    Discover Agrigento and Palermo Package

    From 2445 € / person | 8 days | excluding flight

    • 5 nights in a Rural Resort or an Agritourism in Agrigento countryside, half board basis (breakfast & lunch/dinner included)
    • 2 nights in a cosy family-run B&B in Palermo city centre, breakfast included
    • 5 Daily local Experiences with expert local guides (private car included during the experiences)
    • half-board basis in the Rural Resort / Agritourism located in Agrigento area

    Where art and food combine to create a magical atmosphere. A truly unforgettable, nature-culture experience.

    Day 1

    The Agrigento countryside welcomes you! Get in touch with nature in this refreshing place and experience a new sense of harmony: take a stroll on the paths of its garden, among herbs and fruit trees. You will stay in this magic location for the first 5 days.

    Day 2

    EXPLORING THROUGH THE STREETS OF AGRIGENTO | Follow your expert local guide up and down the narrow streets of Agrigento, among medieval and Arab-Norman buildings. Discover curious anecdotes and the city’s ancient roots while gazing at the natural and architectural wonders at the foot of the hill where its centre stands. Your walk will deliver a perfect mix of cultural highlights and tastes as you will take breaks to try the tempting Sicilian street food.

    Day 3

    THE VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES | Step back in time for a day and let the splendour of Ancient Greece surround you. Imagine ancient ruins popping up among the wonderful Sicilian countryside: our local guide accompanies you along an interesting guided tour to see the most beautiful buildings and explore their history.

    Day 4

    LEARN HOW TO COOK SICILIAN DISHES | A day dedicated to slow food and cooking: an amiable friend teaches you how to cook traditional “granny” food with a lot of fun. This experience gives you the ideal balance of cooking secrets and entertainment, as well as the best souvenir you could ever take back home: a new dish to share with the ones you love, whenever you want to.

    Day 5

    SICANI MOUNTAINS | You will magically find yourself in an ancient Sicilian village on the slopes of Sicanian mountains. In this old village, there will be no shortage of extraordinary people to meet. You will get to know shepherds and cheesemakers and to visit a typical bakery. And then, continuing further up in the mountains visiting organic farms. Sometimes encounters like these can change the perspective on life. (In October, you could also take part to the olive harvest experience!)

    Day 6

    PALERMO | TAKE IT EASY AND ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME | Enjoy the view while you reach your accommodation in Palermo.

    Day 7

    EXPLORING PALERMO | You will meet your local guide and start walking through the maze that is Palermo city center. Explore the narrow streets and alleys strolling by wonderful squares and open-air markets while your new local friend enchants you with the wonders of the city. The best way to visit Palermo in on foot, and you will stop for tastings of the best street food the city has to offer.

    Day 8

    TIME TO SAY GOODBYE! | We just cannot wait to design and plan your next trip

    ACCOMMODATIONS in Palermo and Agrigento Italy

    We choose local B&Bs and apartments located near all the facilities and this guarantees the best starting point to live the travel experience as a local. Thus, all our accommodations provide sustainable practices like recycling or changing towels on request.

    Please note that THIS ITINERARY CAN BE CUSTOMIZED ACCORDING TO YOUR SPECIFIC REQUESTS ALL YEAR ROUND. The rate indicated may vary according to the period chosen and the services effectively booked within the final itinerary created and according to client’s indication at the moment of booking. Our itinerary is expected to follow the daily schedule outlined above but please keep in mind that the order of the days might change or day experiences can be substituted, due to weather conditions, attraction opening times, public transport timetables or changes beyond our control.

    Art lovers

    Teatro Massimo : Palermo’s neoclassical opera house is the largest in Italy and the second-largest in Europe. The closing scene of The Godfather: Part III, with its visually arresting juxtaposition of high culture, crime, drama and death, was filmed here and the building’s richly decorated interiors are nothing short of spectacular. Guided 30-minute tours are offered throughout the day in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

    Local life

    Hammam : In the refined Hellenic World first and in the powerfull Roman Empire later, the hot bath was considered a way to relax, enjoy oneself and meet other people.

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