Scuba Diving in Sicily – the underwater world

a great chance to explore the underwater life

Scuba diving in Sicily will introduce you to the underwater world of the Mediterranean. The mysterious and colourful sea of rocky reefs,
marine sanctuaries and ancient ruins. It is a great chance to further explore the beauty and natural wonders of this island including its marine creations.

Sicily invites you to discover its unique charm from its fascinating history, stunning landscapes, pleasant climate and cobalt blue waters. The island is waiting for you. There are plenty of amazing things to do here such as culture trip and wandering on the narrow streets of medieval villages. We also organise walking excursions or Sicilian food tours. If you want to get away from the noise, Sicily also offers many quiet escape places for you. You can relax or try new things alone, with friends or families or joining the locals. Spend your holiday in Sicily now and experience the vacation you deserve!

Scuba Diving in Sicily

Diving and snorkelling are some of the best activities to do while staying on the island. Sicily’s underwater life is comparatively diverse as its culture and traditions. You will have so much fun swimming with a variety of vibrant fish. It is as if they are welcoming you to their vast space on Earth.

Uncover the several diving sites of the Sicilian seas. The diving sites have different depths. They vary from a little deep to too far down, almost on the water surface. Whether you are an amateur diver or a professional one, we know you will have a great time! You can reach these diving areas by boat or depending on your license; you can swim from the beach.

Book a Diving Lessons in Sicily

We listed below the best diving operators and schools in Sicily. Start your underwater journey with us. Please feel free to send a request and contact us if you have any questions.

Diving schools provide diving lessons, boat rentals and support for beginners. The instructors are all licensed. You can hire them to either teach you or guide you during your journey.

It’s a fantastic experience to encounter new fish species that you did not know existed. They come in all sizes, some are super unique, and all are truly beautiful. This activity is, even more, enjoying if you are travelling with loved ones or great companies.