Wakeboarding – more fun on the island

Wakeboarding in Sicily is still very new. However, many adventure enthusiasts are introducing this exciting sports on the island now.

An activity that is easy to learn but brings you a lot of adrenaline. It is amazing to have fun and execute with good companies. Aside from water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing, and boat sailing, wakeboarding is also a great recreation to explore in Sicily.

A few travel clubs are opening their doors to this sport. Sometimes with a membership fee required. They are complete with high-speed motorboats, cable system and all necessary equipment. The clubs have expert coaches too that can provide lessons in wakeboarding. The sites are usually in the suburb areas of Sicily so there is also a lot of space to relax and enjoy the waterfront.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced wakeboarder, the activity requires you to be competitive, not against other people but yourself. It helps you exceed your boundaries. Getting you out from your comfort zone and taking you to higher goals.

do stunts including aerial flips and turns. Experience the thrill and fun of wakeboarding in the Philippines – visit any one of these top wakeboarding destinations.

5 Best Destinations to do Wakeboarding in Sicily

If you are looking to experience more fun and thrill in Sicily, here are the 5 Best Destinations to do Wakeboarding in Sicily. Perhaps you can do some stunts, turns and flips to impress or release stress. Enjoy!

1. Augusta Wakeboarding Club

2. Partinico Wakeboarding Club

3. Messina Wakeboarding Club

4. Avola Wakeboarding

5. Lago Rubino