Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

    Windsurfing – rental place and school

    Windsurfing in Sicily is our answer to your thirst for adventure and thrill. Sicily is known globally for hosting many international windsurfing events.

    Sicilians always find a way to use our share of the Mediterranean’s natural wonders to have fun and live life leisurely. Aside from its pristine beaches and stunning views, Sicily is introducing many exciting activities too. Nearly three decades ago, windsurfing gained the attention and curiosity of the Sicilians. Let us merely say that the rest is history. Windsurfing is a combination of surfing while sailing using a board connected to a sail. The wind unites with the water waves through the windsurfer’s manoeuvring skills and firm grip control.

    Best Windsurfing Clubs in Sicily

    There are plenty of Windsurfing clubs in Sicily, particularly in Palermo with pro teachers for beginners and advanced surfers as well as the intermediate and sometimes pro surfers. 

    Furthermore, there offer board rentals too and they organize events and festivals related to windsurfing.

    Windsurfing Lessons in Sicily

    Many of these Windsurfing clubs offer awesome beginner lessons which you can book in advance. Learn and enjoy the sport during your stay in Sicily. A really fun activity to do with friends or families. The clubs do not only teach you the basics but also provide you with good companies.

    Surfing in Sicily

    As much as we love surfing, Sicily’s waves during warmer months are generally calm, and we do not have monster waves. There are of course places where you can still enjoy this sport a little farther away from the beachfront with wave ripples. Individually or with family and friends. Around Summer, we saw a lot of kids with their mini surfing boards having fun trying this sport.