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    Best Beaches in Sicily – resorts and hidden paradise

    best beaches in sicily

    A trip to a Mediterranean paradise sounds like a great plan. Thinking about what to do in Sicily? The rumor is true! Aside from the island’s super-rich history, Sicily is also all about the beaches and charming coasts. As a result of ancient volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, the region parted from mainland Italy. They created a stunning triangular-shaped island that is surrounded by overflowing natural wonders and splendid landscapes.

    According to accounts, Sicily was the previous royals’ summer hideaway. Even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were charmed by its beauty. Today, many prominent people, as well as celebrities, come here too for a holiday escape too. The island will offer you many possibilities from a culture trip to food tours and festivals. If you are into active sports such as hiking, swimming, diving, windsurfing, Sicily is the perfect place for you. The choices to unwind and relax are also endless from sunbathing, yoga retreats, and unique Sicilian experiences

    Without further ado, here are the best beaches to visit during your Sicily trip. May it be either next Summer or any seasons you prefer. If we miss your personal favorite, please let us know in the comment section. We love either exploring new places or see the ones we already visited in a different light.

    Our List of Best Beaches in Sicily by provinces

    Palermo Metropolitan Sicily

    best beaches in sicily

    Near from Palermo centre is the usually busy but pretty beach of Mondello. It is cradled between the mountains of Gallo and Pellegrino. They both provide the beach with a more scenic landscape while the many restaurants and gelato stores in the area give it a vibrant feel. As soon as you enter Mondello, it will welcome you with tree-lined streets and Art Nouveau villas. The waters are crystal clear matching with beautiful white sand beach and at the same time, people squeezing in to have space in this little paradise.

    Mondello is easily the local’s favorite quick getaway and the tourists’ go-to place for some beach time when in Palermo. On and off the shore, you can enjoy a lot of fun activities such as windsurfing, sailing, kite, and beach volleyball.


    Though often overshadowed by Mondello and lack a sandy appeal, the rocky beach of Sferracavallo is still one of Palermo’s best-loved beaches. The seaside village lies on the foot of Capo Gallo and leads to the Capo Gallo Natural reserve through the Barcarello di Sferracavallo district. It also has an amazing vista of the mountains and the blue glasslike sea reflecting the sky and the seabed of coral reefs and cliff rocks. Local families who pretty much know one another often flocked here. Many beachgoers, as well as food enthusiasts, also visit there area every Summer for its family-friendly ambience and local seafood flavours.

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    3. ADDAURA

    Together with Mondello, Addaura is another coast to spend a day while in Palermo. It is where some of the richest families of Palermo both reside and choose to stay for Summer breaks. The fancy villas partnered with the quaint view of the pristine sea and stunning scenery are the perfect formula for a certainly relaxing getaway. Tourists who love adventures also gather here to swim, snorkel, jump from the rocky coves or see the historical Addaura cave. There is no sandy beach in Addaura but there are bathing businesses that rent sunbeds, umbrellas and also operate with bars to dine-in and drink.

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    best beaches in sicily

    Lounge around with the Palermitanos while experiencing the clean and blue waters of the Balestrate beach. It is located in the Gulf of Castellammare and provides a spacious, fine and sandy coast that gets really crowded during the Summer, compared to its very few residents during Winter. The beach is close to Palermo and more known to local tourists.

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    5. CAPACI

    If you are looking for another beach spot near Palermo you might want to visit the town of Capaci. It is just a few minutes drive away from the city centre. The beach of Capaci has a long sandy coastline for sunbathing or strolling until the sun sets. Capaci during the hotter months is also becoming a nightlife hotspot. Maybe not as wild as the larger cities but as lively with party music, young and old crowds. Restaurants, pizzerias and clubs are situated near the beach too.

    best beaches in sicily

    The town of Isola delle Femmine is also near Palermo, adjoined with the town of Capaci and both are off-the-beaten-path for travelers. It boasts a striking panorama as well as, inviting blue water, it is close by the coast of a small nature reserve uninhabited island, popularly known as Isola delle Femmine(where the town got its name). Further, one can cherish peace away from businesses by visiting the island. From Spring to mid-Autumn, it is possible to either take a boat trip to the islet or do water activities like scuba diving and windsurfing.

     terrasini sicily

    Turned on your Italian playlist because we have arrived in Sicily. One of the first villages that will welcome you from the Palermo airport is the gorgeous comune of Terrasini. Bordered with high cliff rocks and narrow coves, its beaches a thrilling ambiance that will tempt you to just jump in and start your la dolce vita journey. It is lovely to meet the warm people of Terrasini too and participate in their small events about country life and Sicilian fictional stories.

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    8. CINISI

    Magaggiari Beach in Cinisi has its homey feel of families and children having fun on the sand and savouring Summer. It is a small but lovely beach that can get really crowded too. You can either come in the morning to take your spot or rent from one of the lidos. There are few pizzerias and bars nearby too. Taste a snack or cocktails while adoring the magical sunset from the beach. Sicily has milder weather during October too and there a few people so you can most likely have the beach for yourself.

    9. CEFALU

    The fishing village of Cefalù has been shown to films and TV ads many times for its authentic Sicilian feel and breathtaking view that features old medieval houses with the Arab-Norman Cathedral and several churches. Its turquoise water, sandy beach with the backdrop of the village are very inviting. The hill holds the remains of a Saracen castle during the Middle Ages. Cefalu is an hour drive from Palermo city. You can also take the train that runs every hour to get here. This precious city is lively with restaurants and bars to enjoy. Whether you would like to soak up on the sun, relax on the beach, wander around, try local cuisines or hike to the Temple of Diana, Cefalù has them for you.


    Slightly hidden, twenty minutes by car from Cefalù and far away from the busy crowd is the beach of Torre Conca in Pollina Sicily. It is not very known to tourists yet, desolated with only a few distractions and lounge umbrellas for rent but slowly making its name as a secret gem for those love road trips and discover it. We get fascinated with its beauty every time. From the available parking area, there is a stair leading to a shortcut tunnel then a short hike down is required to get to the beach from the main road. The coastline is a mix of sand and gravel, the seawater shades from cyan to cobalt blue and can be steep too, descending abruptly so make sure the kids have proper swimming gear for safety.

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    The beach is also 20 minutes from Cefalu and located in the small and clean Campofelice di Roccella or the Happy Camp. There are no ancient ruins or buildings but the locals are very friendly, and the town is peaceful to live in. During Summer, families from the village and nearby cities from the le Madonie come to the beach, so it gets crowded, but there is enough space for everyone. The beach is a long coast with most parts in pebbles and others with sand. Pretty little stones but painful to step on so make sure to wear slippers.

    12. LASCARI

    Lascari is another alternative to Cefalu. The long beach which is mixed with sand and pebbles have public and private spaces of colourful umbrellas. Relax or enjoy the view. The Lidos are run by the nice locals who have bars for foods and drinks. Some also rent pedal boats for the added fun

    Best Beaches in Trapani Province Sicily


    The beach of San Vito lo Capo is one of the most beautiful coasts in mainland Sicily.
    It is like a paradise with soft white sand, shallow turquoise waters, and spectacular views. Although, expect that everyone knows that and already heard about it. Many Sicilians, tourists, and camper travelers plan they stay here most of the time. Hence, the town gets super busy from May to September. However, there are always sunbeds and umbrella options to rent. The square is just next to the beach so you can wander on and off the sand. There are festivals and events in Summer too so the place is lively. Trapani also is known for its culinary traditions, so this little gem also possessed those with many options to dine in around the village.


    Leading to San Vito lo Capo are sets of attractive coasts including Castellammare del Golfo. You are greeted with its vast golden sandy beach, emerald green clear sea and views of the mountains. The water here is shallow too and suitable for families while during the evening, there are stalls too. The town is also just nearby, small but historical if you want to wander around after enjoying the beach.

    4. ALCAMO
    alcamo beach sicily
    5. MARSALA
    6. ZINGARO

    Best Beaches in Agrigento Province Sicily

    2. SCIACCA
    3. MENFI
    5. LICATA
    11. LAMPEDUSA (Small Island)

    Best Beaches in Messina Metropolitan

    • Spiaggia dei Conigli
    6. MAZZARO
    7. MILAZZO

    Best Beaches in Catania Province Sicily

    Best Beaches in Syracuse Province Sicily