Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

    Festivals and Feasts in Sicily – Our Traditions

    Festivals and Feasts in Sicily

    Our Sicily Short Stay list of Festivals and Feasts in Sicily cover the entire calendar of events in Sicily for the whole year. We organize the dates of the events on our Google calendar so you can copy or add them to your calendar. Sicily is always stunning in all four seasons. The weather is very mild during Autumn, not so cold in winter unless you are visiting the picturesque mountains. Spring is lovely, and Summer is beautiful. There are a lot of historical sites to visit and villages to explore. Discover more while you travel. Endless things to do in Sicily are waiting for you. Join the locals with their authentic food festivals and taste the best of the island. The beaches are gorgeous in Sicily, and its small islands are paradise on Earth.

    Festivals and Feasts in Sicily – Complete calendars for all seasons

    January April July October
    February May August November
    March June September December

    Sicily is a charming destination where the mind and heart meet. It does not only offer bountiful sceneries and delectable cuisine, but it also provides a broad range of events that is just more than enough to keep you mesmerized with this region. So no matter which time of the year you go and no matter where. Sicily is always prepared to bring out its best to keep you busy enjoying la dolce vita.

    Winter in Sicily

    If you want to visit Sicily during Winter, we included interesting New Year celebrations in January so you can see the best options for you. There are religious practices on the island too which you can participate. They are very solemn and can give you a great experience to be part of a community. February gets a bit cold but not super snowy cold. There are various fun activities around the corner. March is what locally call Marzo Pazzo, or the crazy March. Sicily is slowly transferring to Spring around this time so the weather is unpredictable. It can be super sunny one day then a few rain showers for the other days. Make sure to arrange your itineraries perfectly and do not forget to have plan A to plan C.

    Spring in Sicily

    Sicily is beautiful in Spring with Sagres around showcasing the freshest produce of the region. Each village boasts its twist of favourite Sicilian pasta or meat dishes as well as sweet delicacies. April has Easter holidays too where you can witness some of the island’s unique traditions. May is when the beaches start to attract visitors, both locals and tourists. The Mediterranean water is not warm yet, but the sandy beaches will entice you to relax or read a book.

    Summer in Sicily

    Summer is super busy, so we squeeze in the plenty of things that you can do during this hot season. From June to September and even mid-October at times, you can enjoy swimming in the pristine blue waters of Sicily. If you love sports, there are water and land activities for you. Hike the mountains of the island or dive into its underwater world.

    Autumn in Sicily

    Even more, Autumn is lovely too. The weather is not too cold yet. Significantly beautiful places are getting less busier so you can get to know and understand them more.