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    The Sicily Calendar of Events in February covers Valentine and wine events as well as the grand Carnevale celebration. We have also included the feasts and food festivals during this month.

    Sicily Calendar of Events in February

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    Are you visiting Sicily in February? Winter is here but not the kind of Winter that you expect. The temperature is cold but very tolerable. Snow is quite uncommon in major cities. Though we get excited when it happens. Mountain villages tend to have them generally on bad weathers creating beautiful white scenery. Mount Etna has basically snow for the entire season. As the landscape queen of Sicily, you can see it from afar. If you are visiting any higher land areas in Sicily, make sure to prepare proper gears. Keep yourself warm but not overdo it. February is the love month so there are so many romantic packages in restaurants and other travel-related businesses in Sicily. You can also join the local crowd celebrating the many lively Carnevale parades.

    sunday museum sicily calendar of events in february

    Domenica al Museo

    The Italian Ministry of Beni Culturali invites everyone to visit the museums every first Sunday of the month for free. This program is to promote the cultural heritage of Italy for both locals and tourists.

    sant agata sicily calendar of events in february

    Feast of Sant’ Agata in Catania – February 3rd to 5th

    One of the most intense feasts in Sicily honouring the patron saint of Catania, Saint Agatha. A large number of devotees join the religious event following the mass to long hours of a procession.

    feasts sicily calendar of events in february

    More Feast Day for February

    • Maria Santissima della Candelora
    • San Biagio Feast
    • Madonna del Soccorso
    • Saint Agatha in Alì Superiore
    • San Corrado a Noto
    • San Gerlando ad Agrigento
    valentines day sicily calendar of events in february

    San Valentino or Valentine’s Day (La Festa Degli Innamorati) – February 14th

    Valentine’s Day means declaring the love that unites all languages. Celebrate it at one of the most romantic islands on Earth, Sicily. Promise an endless love with the breathtaking panoramas or sail the sea in an intimate cruise. Anything you fancy is possible in Sicily.

    chocolate festival sicily calendar of events in february

    Chocolate Festival in Paternò – February 8th to 11th

    Literally taste the dolce vita. A four-day chocolate festival and everything made of it. Anything with a heavenly hint of chocolate featuring sweet pastries, chocolates, and chocolate sculptures, they are here.

    Choco Fair in Castellammare del Golfo – February 1st to 4th

    Similarly, with Paterno, the organizers at Castellammare also invite master chocolatiers to showcase their chocolate artworks. They offer the public to test them through their food stands.

    Festa del Cioccolato a Piedimonte Etneo sicily calendar of events in february

    Festa del Cioccolato a Piedimonte Etneo – February 23rd to 25th

    Cioccolatiamo – a sweet event not to miss, party of tasty chocolates and delicacies in Piedimonte Etneo.

    ChocoMoments Novara – February 17th to 19th.

    It is an explosion of deliciousness. ChocoMoments organized workshops, chocolate making a demonstration and chocolate testing for all participants.ì

    CARNEVALE in Tutto Sicilia – February 11th to March 5th

    One of the best-known event that made Italy a prominent figure in world festivals. During the Carnevale, the city of Venice as well as the entire country including Sicily transform into significant venues for masquerade balls.

    Carnevale di Rodì Milici – last Sunday and Tuesday

    A historical Carnevale celebration featuring a street theatrical and humorous presentation of the twelve months of the year and how they chase and recite with the King in costumes and horses.

    Carnevale in Corleone – February 28th to March 5th

    The town of Corleone in Palermo is not only known as the birthplace of Godfather’s Don Corleone but also the ‘U Riavulicchiu‘ or the devil, the main character of the Corleone Carnival.

    Carnevale di Termini Imerese – February 28th to March 5th

    An important Carnevale celebrations in Sicily with a history dating back in 1876. The program in Termini Imerese, Palermo involves traditional parades of mystical work of the art floats and costumed dance performers.

    Bisacquino – February 28th to March 5th

    The oldest Carnivale festival in Sicily which offers a week of dance evenings, float parades and orchestra music.

    Balestrate – February 28th to March 5th

    It offers a different flair for the usual Carnevale, less fancy but more intimate celebrations from simple, colourful parades to pastor dance and nights of fun and music.

    Carnevale di Sciacca – February 28th to March 5th

    An annual tradition for more than 100 years in Sciacca Agrigento. Claims believe that its origin might have dated back during the Roman era. It’s a special occasion for the people of Sciacca and nearby villages.

    Gioiosa Marea – February 28th to March 5th

    Another joyous gathering. Everyone flocked on the streets to watch the cart parades. Some open their houses to welcome masked visitors and play a guessing game to reveal the face behind the mask.

    Acquedolcese – February 28th to March 5th

    It attracts thousands of people of Messina especially to witness the amazing display of allegorical Chariots. You can also see handcrafted costumes of the townspeople.


    A simple but very memorable celebration of Carnevale. Aside from the usual costume and musical parades. Organized halls for the residents to dance their heart out or at least try it to are also available.

    Valderice Carnival – February 28th to March 5th

    Overall, a 27 years tradition of Carnevale festival. Together with the effort of the community, it becomes a big party. It is full of joy and lots of fun every year.

    Palazzolo Acreide – February 28th to March 5th.

    One of the oldest carnival tradition in Sicily. The costumed spectators also welcome large symbolic floats of mechanical puppets during the parade. Carnevale exhibits the craftsmanship of the local artisans as well as the local produce.

    Carnevale di Misterbianco – February 28th to March 5th

    Our personal favorite where “Creativity and craftsmanship at the service of tourism” is the motto of this Carnevale celebration. With energetic parades of marvellous costumed performers and tastings events.

    Carnevale di Acireale – February 23rd to March 5th

    Among the most beautiful Carnival in Sicily. The streets are filled with lively music, vibrant lights, spectacular masquerade parade and people having a blast.

    calendar of events sicily february carnevale mask

    Chiaramonte Gulfi in Ragusa – February 28th to March 5th

    It is where fun meets folklores while converging with food treats. The entire village joins in the party in masked and medieval costumes. They dance with the music and enjoy until midnight. Chiaramonte Gulfi also boasts its famous pork cuisine during these days. the Sausage Festival.

    Carnival Street Food in Regalbuto

    Part of the one month Carnevale Celebration of the town of Regalbuto. Residents celebrate it every first Sunday of February. There are also food stands of typical Carnevale delights such as bignè and star sweets. You should not miss the cannoli, chocolate fountain and much more too.

    More Carnevale Festivals in Sicily

    • Piraino
    • Francavillese
    • Cattafese Carnival in San Filippo Mela 
    • Santa Lucia del Mela
    • Capo D’Orlando
    • Sagra di Carnevale a Larderia 
    • Egadino
    • Petrosino
    • Avola
    • La Carrivalata a San Cono

    Sagre in Febbraio or  Sicilian February Festivals

    • Sagra del Mandorlo a Tavola
    • Maccarruna ‘ntà maidda a Termini Imerese
    • Arancia rossa di Sicilia IGP a Centuripe

    Giornata Internazionale della Guida Turistica

    Meanwhile, every 21st of February, yearly, tourist guides celebrate the International Tourist Guide Day. It is when licensed tourist guides can offer their services for free.

    We hope that the list of Sicily Calendar of Events in February can help you with your travel to Sicily. Any questions, please also let us know.