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The Sicily Calendar of Events in March covers the grand Carnevale celebrations in the entire island. Spring events, food festivals, religious feasts are also everywhere in Sicily.

Sicily Calendar of Events in March

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Are you visiting Sicily in March? Sicilian coined March as Marzo Pazzo, or the crazy March. The weather is unpredictable during this time. It is quite confusing at times. Sicily is slowly transitioning from Winter to Spring so the temperature varies. We advise layering as there are days that It can be super sunny then it gets super chilly. There are few rain showers too but it all depends where in Sicily you are. The mountain’s snow is starting to melt. In Palermo, the cold is very tolerable. We even saw some tourists wearing sleeveless while the Sicilians bundled up. Keeping yourself warm and comfortable is the most important thing.

CARNEVALE IN SICILY – February 28th to March 5th

Generally, many villages and towns of Sicily celebrate Carnevale. It is a long-established Italian custom, observed for centuries all over the country. The joyous events start around mid-February until the first week of March. It is before the start of the Lent and Holy Week season.

Carnevale a Scicli: Carnaluvari ra Stratanova – March 2nd to 5th

It is where the neighbourhoods of Scicli gather together for days until a week of dance, parades and music.

Carnevale delle Madonie a Castellana Sicula in Palermo on March 3rd

The Madonie village is opening its streets to large colourful floats and lively festive crowd.

U Matrimoniu a Montelepre

The town of Montelepre invites everyone in this significantly one of a kind Wedding Carnevale party. It is every last Sunday of the carnival season. Complete with groom and bride together with their flock of invited guests(spectators), all overly-dressed and excited to attend this special union.

Carnevale Il Mastro di Campo a Mezzojuso

Every last Sunday of the carnival. Overall, it is a two-century tradition which will take you into another time. The town particularly becomes a theatrical stage with actors and actresses masked and dressed in medieval costumes. Each has their roles to play, characters such as Mastro di Campo, the King, the Queen, royals, noblemen and plebeians.

Termini Imerese Carnevale

An important Carnevale celebrations in Sicily with a history dating back in 1876. The program in Termini Imerese, Palermo involves traditional parades of mystical work of the art floats and costumed dance performers.

  • Carnevale di Gangi Fat Tuesday
  • Carnevale di Saponara Fat Tuesday
  • La Cianciùta a Francavilla di Sicilia Fat Tuesday
  • Bisacquino Carnival – February 2nd to March 3rd
  • Gioiosa Marea Carnival – February 2nd to March 3rd
  • Acireale Carnival – February 17th to March 5th
  • Palazzolo Acreide Carnival – February 24th to March 5th
  • Santa Lucia del Mela Carnival – February 24th to March 5th
  • Misterbianco Carnival – February 24th to March 5th
  • Avola Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Capo D’Orlando Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Sciacca Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Corleone Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Chiaramonte Gulf Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Acquedolcese Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Francavillese Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Antillo Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Piraino Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Egadino Carnival – February 28th to March 5th
  • Termini Imerese Carnival – February 24th to March 5th
  • Carnevale Cattafese a San Filippo Mela – February 17th and March 3rd
  • Rodì Milici Carnival
  • Piana degli Albanesi Carnival
  • Petrosino Carnival
  • Sagra di Carnevale a Larderia
  • Carnaluvari ra Stratanova
  • Valderice Carnival

Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore ad Agrigento – March 1st to 10th

Almond Blossom Festival. Both tourists and locals attend this festival for its colourful traditions mixed with dance, music flavours and different events


Join the annual Half Marathon event held in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. It is part of the programs for the Annual Almond Blossom Festival.

Ciocco Fest a Partanna -March 29th to 31st

When Partanna opens the town to a day of chocolate tastings and workshops as well as Music, fun and food festival for fresh Sicilian products.

Cibo Nostrum a Catania – March 31st

A grand feast of Italian flavours and wine productions. Locally created Sicilian cuisines and of other Italian regions are the stars of this event together with wine tasting and professional chef showcasing their crafts.

Festa dell’Olio di Mandanici

Mandanici is a small mountain village in Messina and its residents take pride to producing high quality extra virgin oil.

Sagra della Sfincia ad Acquaficara

  • Mandorlo in fiore a Naro
  • Gusto Mare Nero a Donnalucata
  • Sagra della Seppia di Donnalucata
  • Festa del Cioccolato a Favara
  • Festa del Cioccolato a Capo D’Orlando
  • Mandorlo in fiore Express 
  • Sagra della Pasta con le Sarde a Caltabellotta
  • Festa dell’Arancia a Palagonia
  • Sagra delle Zeppole a Randazzo

Festa di San Giuseppe – patrons of many towns in Sicily – March 12th to 19th

Many towns in Sicily observe the feast of Saint Joseph. The saint is one of the most important patrons of Sicily. Joseph as the foster father of Jesus similarly symbolizes all fathers. His day, March 19th is also Father’s day in Italy.

Feast Day of Saint Joseph in various locations

  • Mascalucia
  • Ribera
  • Ragusa
  • Niscemi
  • Caccamo
  • Santa Croce Camerina
  • Donnalucata
  • Sagra della Sfincia di San Giuseppe a Carini Festa di
  • Valguarnera Caropepe
  • Siculiana
  • Sagra della Sfincia di San Giuseppe a Bagheria
  • Salemi
  • Marettimo
  • Porto Empedocle
  • Altare di San Giuseppe a Campobello di Mazara
  • Le Mense di San Giuseppe a Terrasini Festa di
  • San Giuseppe a Palazzo Adriano

Giornata FAI di Primavera – March 23rd to 24th

A yearly event in partnership together with the Ministry of Beni Culturali to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Italy.

Scie di Primavera a Catania – March 23rd to June 3rd

The purpose is to demonstrate creativity and sustainable lifestyle. This Spring market in Catania is also open to the public every year. It features recycled creations such as handmade pieces and vintage items of unique revamped designs.

Mercatini di Primavera a Salemi from March 15th to 24th

The Spring Market in Salemi is open during the feast of Saint Joseph. Even more, there are arrays of dessert stands and concert in honour of the patron saint.

Spring Meeting in Cianciana – March 17th to 19th

It is a gathering to especially learn the use of local herbs, mushrooms and plants in the traditional Sicilian cuisines.

Primavera in Festa a Bagheria – March 26th

A festival welcoming the arrival of Spring season with cultural and gastronomic activities such as food and wine tasting of panelle, sfincione, and arancine. There are traditional bread too as well as sausages and sweets to children parties. You may also visit the Villa Palagonia.

La Fuga in Egitto di Assoro

It means Escape to Egypt, a sacred drama which has a medieval origin and performed simultaneously during the feast of Saint Joseph every March.

Giornata Nazionale delle Ferrovie Dimenticate

These train railways that was previously abandoned are hoping to be discovered again. With this in mind, this project aims to promote natural roads which can be accessed by foot or by biking.

Festival Volalibro a Noto

Wedding & Home a Siracusa

Domenica al Museo

Let’s go to the Museum on a Sunday! The project is in cooperation with the Italian Cultural Ministry to encourage everyone as much as they can to visit specific museum and sites in Italy every first Sunday of the month for free.

We made the list of Sicily Calendar of Events in March in the hope that we help you plan your trip. In case have any questions, please let us know. offers affordable holiday rentals and travel packages in Sicily. We are happy to assist.

photo courtesy of Carlo Raso

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