Sicilian Street Fashion – innovative and diverse

Sicilian street fashion is like its history, innovative and diverse, bold yet conservative. The Italians probably invented the word style. Or maybe not. The only thing we are sure of is that Italians in general, are very fashionable. They know exactly what to wear and what to pair it. Milan is one of the fashion capital of the world, while other Italian territories follow. It is including the island of Sicily with its fair share of sophisticated and vibrant Sicilian fashion.

The Sicilian Style

Sicilians live and breathe style in their everyday lives. We do not call them ‘fashion’ anymore; it’s a lifestyle. Wandering around the narrow streets of Sicily’s mountain villages, you can casually see stylish old ladies. They are in their simple yet airy midi dress. It matches perfectly with their two-inch heeled shoes and modest handbags. The retired men sitting and chatting comfortably on the town squares with their polished polo shirts and Coppola hats. They are like a vintage photograph of the past except they have frozen the time and remained classically amazing.

Modern Sicilian Street Fashion

Women in Sicily like everywhere in the world varies. The way we dress does not wholly define who we are. However, we always dress up anyway because it’s how we express life. The modern Siciliana understands what she wants. She knows when to wear comfortable clothes when running errands or going out to the grocery. Sicilian women don’t just put clothes on Sunday church or any events. They make sure everything is presentable and elegant. It can be formal but with moderate designs or casual with well-put accessories.

Saturday night outs require full-blown outfits and the best shoes to impress. The colour palette depends on the season, neutral for Autumn and Winter and white or more vibrant on Spring and Summer. Of course, there will always be the adorable, quirky ones who do not care about rules and try brave fashion decision. And we love them! You only live once, do you!

Mediterranean and Baroque Inspirations

Many fashion houses take interest and ideas from Sicily and its Mediterranean flair. For example, Sicily’s very own Dolce in the Dolce & Gabbana couture brand gets their inspirations from the Norman and Baroque architectures as well the local life in Sicily with its turquoise sea and lemon trees.

The Godfather Fashion

We are only talking about the movie and not patronising any criminal group. Godfather fashion existed even before the film. It is more of a 1920 style with men’s refined suit paired with a fedora or Coppola hat.