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    Food and Drinks in Sicily – culinary tours and recipes

    food and drinks in sicily

    Sicily has a long history that deeply formed its locals love for food and drinks. One can easily spot the region’s diversity through its authentic cuisines. The island is the jewel of the Mediterranean. It opened its ports to many settlers and traditions for thousands of years

    Today, people from all over the world visit Sicily for its charming beauty. The more you witness it, the more dreamier it seems. It boasts both scenic landscapes and archaeological wonders. There are stunning small islands and beaches to have a glimpse and enjoy too. Another reason, many get hooked on Sicily is because of its foods and wines. They reflect various influences and give a better understanding of Sicily’s mixed culture.

    Kinds of Food and Drinks in Sicily

    For instance, Sicily’s large capitals have lively street foods scenes. They feature snacks such as the deep fried panelle, crocche, arancine rice balls and fish. There are also peculiar sandwiches such as pani ca meusa or spleen, cabucio. We love sfincione and scacciata pizza as well as the octopus salad. For the food adventurers, you can try frittola, these are boiled leftovers of meats or stigghiola which is grilled animal guts. You may also come across versions of Sicilians’ famous home-cooked meals. The side dish caponata for example. Trapani’s style and the shape of the eggplant are very distinct from the ones prepared in Catania. When talking about pasta, Palermo is proud of their Pasta con le sarde topped with toasted breadcrumbs while Catania celebrates its notable Pasta alla Norma.

    Sicilian food is a union of flavours from several nations that lived here. Together with myths and stories, they are widespread in major cities and small villages. Each town, even tiniest fractions, takes pride in their traditional recipes. During your stay here, you can find out the many unusual twists of typical Sicilian dishes.

    There is a variety of wine options in this region of Italy too. Because of its fertile land and mild climate, the grapes harvested from the island create a distinct aroma too. Some of the known wines that are locally produced here are Nero d’ Avola and Marsala.

    Slow Movement in Sicily and the fresh produce

    Sicily is a dream in a literal and gastronomical sense. It is a haven for food lovers who want to try passionately made cuisines. Not only about slow cooking but also slow eating. It is to savour every flavour of the foods. The locals always make sure to only serving fresh ingredients to satisfy one’s palate.

    Private Cooking Lessons

    If you fancy learning more about Sicilian cooking, we partnered with local chefs to provide you with extra services on requests such as private cooking lessons, romantic dinners, market and farm tours.

    Food Festivals in Sicily

    You can also join in food festivals. There are always events in each village and they hold these to honour a patron saint. They also introduce the season’s latest harvest or the town’s local produce.

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    Learn more about Sicily’s best-loved delicacies. The tradition and passion put into making them authentically delicious.q

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    For good wine lovers, you are spoiled for choices in Sicily, wine is produced all over the island, thanks to its mild climate.

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    Best restaurants in Sicily come in various sizes, price range and races. All of the same quality of good food and excellent dining experience.