Best Restaurants – places to go and eat

Best restaurants in Sicily come in various sizes, price range and races. However, they are all of the same quality of good food and excellent dining experience.

We are dreaming if we say we have tasted them all because we don’t and we can’t. Sicily is a massive region with an ethnically and culinary diverse culture. Everything mixed up because of previous wars and occupations on the island centuries ago. It is including our blended food traditions that united our passion for well-cooked meals, slow but utterly delightful.

To each his own. We are listing our favourite restaurants, trattorias, pizzeria and snack bars in Sicily below. Sicily is our home so we are continuously adding more tasty recommendations.

Best Restaurants in Sicily for authentic Sicilian Cuisines

Taste of Home in Trattorias

Battle of the Pizzerias

Master of Sicilian Sweet Delicacies

Quick but delicious Snack Bars

Seafood Specialties

Meaty Meetings

International Foodie Havens