Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

    Local life in Sicily – the Sicilian People

    local life in sicily

    The local life in Sicily makes the experience more unforgettable and close to home. Aside from the island’s rich history and stunning landscapes, the Sicilians are also the reasons why Sicily is a dream destination. The locals depict the whole meaning of the phrase ‘la dolce vita’. The sweet life here is even more loving than you can imagine. It is as if the people especially the ones from the suburbs have no worries. Life is simpler and very serene.

    Local life in Sicily

    There are many major cities in Sicily where lifestyles are busier than the ones living in seaside towns or mountain villages. However, you will find out that even so, Sicilians tend to always stick to their old practices. These cultures and traditions framed their unique identity. That wherever they are, family always comes first, and being nice will not cost you a cent.

    Sicilians live an easy-going but straightforward way of lifestyle. Their hearts sing together with their words because they live life with so much passion and warmth. Sicily and its people are probably one of the most favourite subjects of writers and artists since the ancient years. The arts, as well as the foods, define their history.

    The Unique Identity of the Sicilians

    If you visit Sicily, you can immediately notice that Sicilians value family, religion and thoughtfulness. Weekends particularly Sunday is for church and family bonding. When we say family, it includes almost the entire clan with the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Feast and festivals are everywhere on the island too. They celebrate them to either honour a patron saint or bind the ties among the community. Furthermore, it is a chance for them to promote local products or talents.

    Sicilians are loud. That is a fact particularly market vendors. However, it does not mean they are rude. Sicilians are very accommodating and helpful. If you are not sure what to buy, they will always offer you to try it or give you freebies. They always try to help too if you ask them questions about directions. A few may look snobbish, but hey, everyone can look snobbish to a stranger. Buongiorno is necessary while mi scusi is the key to start a short conversation.

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