Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

    Things to do in Sicily and the must see places

    Sicily is a dream. As the famous writer, Goethe once said: “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”. Below is the list of things to do in Sicily to understand these clues. Start your breathtaking journey to Sicilia. The island will offer you its diversity, from the remains of the Greeks, glorious history to the Mediterranean seaside and mountainous villages. There are lakes, archaeological sites, foods, drinks, and festivals to discover too.

    Top 15 Things to do in Sicily

    1. Stay with at an apartment or a villa

    Skip the expensive hotels. The better way to know Sicily is to live like a Sicilian. Blending in and knowing where locals eat and shop will help you appreciate Sicily even more. You do not need to learn the Sicilian dialect or get the super sunny tan. Well, if you like, that’s also okay. An apartment or a villa will give you privacy and perks to try cooking your twist of Sicilian cuisine straight from our local markets. We have options to lodge in B&Bs around the historical center too. You may share space with a Sicilian host(many ex-pats are hosting too) and her other guests. She might even prepare Pasta Alla Norma for lunch! Feel free to ask your neighbors or your hosts for tips on the places to go. They know the area very well and can give you invaluable suggestions.

    2. Pick Palermo for a day or two

    Palermo is the ‘all port’ that welcomes its visitors for centuries. The capital of the region holds historical treasures from different nations that lived here. Each settler left their culture and architectural significance in this city. Whatever is your beliefs or traditions, a visit to Palermo is a must in Sicily! It is known for its Arab-Norman buildings influenced by the short-lived Islam domination and the Norman-Byzantine Christian union during the Norman period in Sicily. Exploring the historic center of Palermo is like discovering the old kingdom that existed many long years ago. Notable architectures like the Palazzo dei Normanni and churches such as Palermo Cathedral and Santa Caterina are just next to each other. They can be overwhelming but stunning and amazing. A day is a squeeze in but you can make it work, and you have a lifetime to reminisce and travel back again.

    3. Wander on Walking Tours or DO IT YOUR OWN!

    The walking tour has been a trend for years now and it never gets old. You can choose to reserve paid tours with experts online or there are offers of free ones too from enthusiastic English-speaking locals. With the advent of smartphones and the power of Google Maps, doing it yourself, alone or with family and friends, is not impossible. It is rather challenging and exciting. We have designed a few walking, touring routes which you can utilize at any time. Follow or unfollow our strolling paths; it does not matter. Be spontaneous and enjoy!

    4. Savour Sicilian cuisines

    The variety of places to explore in Sicily match with the range of food and drinks to savour in this region of Italy. So good that we have created pages about them in each city. Sicilians take cooking and eating really seriously. On special occasions, dining in together as a family usually take hours. From antipasti, pasta, main dish, side dish, salad, dessert, coffee and digestive. If you get invited by your neighbours to dine in, that is perfect. Sicilian mammas prepare lovely homecooked meals. If not, there are many trattorias with the same homey ambience in city centres and small villages. The unique street food set up are getting popular in Sicily too. Foods include pannelle, sfincione, frittola, pani con meusa, cartocciate, cipolline and many more. Arancine and everyone’s favourite cannoli are sold everywhere on the island.

    5. Adore the views with a panini, espresso or gelato.

    6. Discover the secrets of the Valley of the Temples

    7. A trip to Taormina

    8. Hike to Mount Etna

    9, Enjoy the Mediterranean beaches

    10. Island hopping at the Aeolian Islands

    11. Visit villages at Enna

    12. Give respect to the Greeks at Syracuse

    13. Do Wine Tasting anywhere

    14. Remember the Romans at Villa romana del Casale

    15. Experience a Sicilian suburban life at the Madonie