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    Emergency Numbers

    SicilyShortStay listed the emergency numbers in Sicily below. It is to inform you about the important numbers to call in case of urgent concerns.

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    Before you pack your bags and leave on a jet plane, make sure everything is ready. Please take note of these important numbers. Sorry, we do not have 911! There is a saying that goes like this. If you do not have them, troubles keep coming. And if you have them, nothing happens or something like that. Knocking on wood and crossing our fingers that you will never use these numbers. We wish you an enjoyable and safe trip to Sicily!

    Emergency Numbers in Sicily


    In case of life-threatening medical concerns that require an immediate emergency response, please call 118. The number is generally used anywhere in Sicily or other territories of Italy. It is connected to all public hospitals and can send an ambulance as soon as possible. Hence, the ambulance can take the patient to the nearest hospital.


    It is the universal emergency number in the European Commission. In Italy, it is also the number for the Carabinieri. They are the military police which is also ready to help.


    Call for a more immediate response; it is the number of the State Police and citizens specifically call it first in cases of general emergencies.


    We also included other useful numbers that travellers might need and are equally important.

    117 Financial-Military Police under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance. They particularly deal with financial crimes, tax evasion, smuggling, customs and border checks and more.

    1518 For instance, one needs traffic updates, news and information. Available on RAI radio or you can also access on TV and online at

    803116 or 116 Roadside assistance and paid tow truck services under the Italian Automobile Club, their members get discounts. Please also visit their site for more information about their rates

    1530 Coast Guard or Guardia Costiera number. They are part of the Italian Navy responsible for search and rescue operations and other maritime-related activities

    800900999 ITALGAS Italy’s largest natural gas distributor

    1522 or 0637518261-2  Telefono Rosa to report violence against women. They also provide legal advice and assistance as well as Psychological counselling

    114  Telefono Azzuro to report child abuse or any children related emergency

    800020320  Ministry of Food and Agriculture, basically for prevention of fraud in the Food industry

    800991199 Protection of Cultural Heritage 


    Phone Numbers and websites of all embassies and consulates in Italy

    We might not be able to help in emergency situations but we are available for simple concerns. If you need assistance regarding travel advice, please feel free to contact SICILYSHORTSTAY.COM. We are your family in Sicily. You can see our email address and phone number below. You may also chat with us on Live support or send us a message on Skype, our username is sicilyshortstay.