Tourism Map – help desk in major cities

Tourism Desk in Sicily is mainly available in major cities. Google is our travel best friend when going to another country, in a strange city. However, if you do not have access to the internet, going to the Tourism Desk office or Tourist kiosk help a lot during your stay. And of course, when you’re a bit lost.

Tourist Information in Sicily


Tourism Desk in Sicily listed below the address of the working tourism desk in large cities all over Sicily. Please if you have already travelled Sicily and you have the updated information, feel free to indicate them on the comment section. Therefore, we can also update our information.

Palermo Tourism Offices and information desks

The Metropolitan City of Palermo or previous the province of Palermo has tourist offices and desks in the city centre areas, central train station, port and at the Falcone-Borcellino Palermo airport. Here is also the link to the Palermo Tourism official website.

Palermo airport

Palermo Central Train Station

Port of Palermo

Palermo Historic Centre

Near Politeama theatre

Via Maqueda 81,

Piazza Bellini

Piazza Marina


Via Cavour


Catania Tourism Offices and other information desks

Syracuse Tourism Offices and information desks

Trapani Tourism Offices and information desks

Messina Tourism Offices and information desks

Agrigento Tourism Offices and information desks

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