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Learn more about our Special offers in Sicily. SicilyShortStay regularly updates our list of holiday details and latest discount. It is to provide you with the most affordable holiday rentals and services in Sicily. Whether you are travelling for personal or business, you will have a great time on the island. There are a lot of amazing places, and things do here. Many are cheap and some even free. Do not miss the chance to save money and spend more on the unique experience.

Affordable Holiday Rentals on SicilyShortStay

Are you looking for accommodation in Sicily? SicilyShortStay offers affordable but comfortable properties in Sicily. Our Sicily holiday rentals come in different types. If you like a villa near the sea or an apartment right in the centre, we have plenty of options for you. You may view our catalogue for Budget Apartments through this link. We also have B&B located in many towns and private rooms rented by locals. Please feel free to also visit our Tour Packages page for travel ideas.

Special Offers in Sicily

We offer various kinds of discounts based on many factors. Our team make sure to get in touch with our hosts and local service providers for new discounts. That way, we can offer more deals to our guests. Please note however that the discount is at the discretion of the hosts or service providers. They are not always available. If they are offering it, you can find the information about the discount on the listing page. In case, the owners are not offering a discount, feel free to contact us. We will then check with them if they can negotiate a discount.

Last Minute Prices

If you are travelling soon and looking to book a holiday apartment, you might be able to avail our property hosts’ last-minute prices. Some owners but not all usually offer last minute discounts. They are around 10% to 20% discounts. This is in case the guests are arriving less than seven days before the check-in date.

Long-Term Stays

For long-term stays, you can send us a price offer by email or live chat for your specific dates. We will then check with the property owner if she can work around it. Some owners also indicate a fixed price for a week or per month. In case you cannot see any cheaper accommodation on the site for your long stay, please do not hesitate to send us a request. We will send your dates to all of our owners whose properties can be rented for monthly stays.

Holiday Deals

Generally, high season dates such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and Summer have high season prices. They are more expensive than the normal rates. However, many owners lower these prices if the event dates are near already and they still have not rented their properties. It is more or less a last-minute discount too.

Low Season Rates

Contrary to high season dates, low season months have cheaper prices. The dates, particularly, are after New Year celebrations from January 6th until around mid-March. The owners reduced their prices since it is Winter season. They know that it’s harder to book their calendars so they offer lowers rates. Less people are travelling the island during these months.

Group Discounts

In case you are travelling with a group, staying together give you more chance to save on accommodation expenses. We have large properties suitable for family or group of friends. Some owners also offer further discounts for more number of guests.

Last-Minute Bookings in Sicily

Many of our property hosts provide discounts for last-minute bookings in Sicily. You can avail this special offer when you book a property less than 7 days before your arrival date. Please note that the discount is depending on the availability of the property and not all accommodations have special rates. The holiday rental owners decide the discount.

Last-Minute Bookings in Sicily

Here is the current list of property that offer last-minute discounts.

If you are travelling to Sicily soon, do not miss this special offer! Families or friends saving more for a unique experience can enjoy this wonderful discount for their accommodations. They are usually around 10% to 20% discounts. This is in case the guests are arriving less than seven days before the check-in date. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Returning Guests in Sicily – Discounts

We love returning guests in Sicily and value our loyal clients who book our holiday rentals regularly. Your word of mouth advertising and feedback encourage us so much in growing our community.

As a gesture of gratitude, we would like to offer you a 5 EUR discount voucher which you can use for your next stay. We know it is not enough but we hope that this token of appreciation can help you a bit. Our team will continue to improve as a business and a family so we can provide our loyal guests with more considerable discounts. We promise to work harder and only give you the best services possible in Sicily. Thank you once again for trusting SicilyShortStay.com!

Your Returning Guests in Sicily Discount Voucher

This is how the voucher system works.

  • After your Sicily short stay, we will send you a Thank you email together with the attached 5 EUR voucher
  • The voucher has a unique coupon code which you can use for your next booking.
  • When making the new booking, you’ll see the section where to put the coupon code.
  • Insert the code inside the box and the system will apply the discount automatically.
  • Please note that you can only use the voucher once. However, it has no expiration date so you can use it even after so many years. Although we hope to accommodate you sooner and you can experience Sicily once again. You may also gift the voucher to a family or friend.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email on info@sicilyshortstay.com

To request further discounts, please contact us by email or live chat. For you, we will check with the property host directly if it is possible. Some owners are flexible and can offer reasonable discounts. We will try whatever we can to assist you.

Romantic Weekend in Sicily – special offers

What is your take of a Romantic Weekend in Sicily? Surprise your partner and let us help you prepare this charming time with your loved one. Sicily offers its visitor the poetic ambience anyone will adore. Its clear sky, the cobalt blue waters of the Mediterranean sea and the stunning landscapes. It is the perfect place to fall in love and all over again.

Whether you are celebrating Valentines Day, your anniversary, partner’s birthday or want to get away. We always have special offers for love birds like you. Spend your two-day trip with your special person in Sicily!

Special offers for your Romantic Weekend in Sicily

We have all the itineraries you need to guarantee a romantic holiday. From your accommodation, we can find an apartment for you too with a balcony overlooking fantastic views. Witness the beautiful sunrise by the beach. Sicilian weather is very mild all year long, during Winter and Autumn, it is still cold but very gently cold. You can definitely walk on the beach and explore many seaside towns such as Cefalù, Sciacca, and many more.

Business Offer

If you are traveling in business, we can easily find you the best way to reserve rooms for a corporate traveling – we can help you find best prices and rooms for a group trips. Just let us know beforehand when are you going to arrive and how many days to spend – we’ll make sure you are supplied with the best conditions. You’ll see that rest and work are not the opposite things!