Valentines Day Ideas in Sicily

Like in every corner of the world, Valentines Day in Sicily is Valentines Day, February 14th, the celebration of love where lovers of all ages get to devote their most romantic day with each other.

Are you thinking of Valentines Day Ideas in Sicily? Worry no more, Sicily got you covered with our romantic list of things to do and see in Sicily. They are guides too if you are planning a Sicily intimate weekend with your partner.

Amazing Valentines Day Ideas in Sicily

Lovers of all ages get to celebrate this day of love every 14h of February. Partners devote their most romantic day with each other during Valentine’s Day. It is lively and can be a solemn day at times for all with flowers, gifts and chocolates galore. Couples set padlocks on scenic bridges to commemorate their promise of love. Businesses are overflowing with great deals. Oftenly, they are decorated with hearts and cupid bows. Restaurants get also fully booked pretty quickly so reservations should be made days prior.

If you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day or the weekend in Sicily, we are here to assist you. It is whether you are couples, families or group of friends. We have listed the most charming places and exciting things to do in Sicily below. Planning ahead is required but it does not mean you cannot change these itineraries and add your own twist. Feel free to handpick the ones that interest you among the suggestions and enjoy. You may also add your personal favourites on the comment section. The entire love month of February is full of events to select what you fancy best. From food festivals to Carnevale parades, concerts and more.

Morning Beach date in Sicily

We are thinking candlelight table for two but let us not go there yet. The day is long and more amazing things are about to happen. Sicily’s weather around February ranges from 20 degrees to mildly cold temperature and mountain villages get snowy. We adore seaside towns such as Cefalù, Sciacca, and San Vito Lo Capo. They are panoramic all year long and boast inspiring medieval Sicilian atmospheres. These places will take you a step back in time. You can watch the beautiful sunrise and walk on the beach together hand in hand. Just seizing and treasuring that moment. It is also lovely to stroll in the towns’ historical centres in the morning. There are very very few people which makes exploring more intimate.

Breakfast with a view

There are bars(Italian coffee shops) around to eat breakfast. They tend to serve more Sicilian sweet delicacies on Valentine’s day. From custard or chocolate creamed cornettos, cannoli, cassata cakes and dolcini(small pastries). Cappuccino and espresso are essential. If the weather allows and you are travelling by car, we advise taking out and finding a desolated beach. You can have a breakfast picnic there because there is always one near the crowd favourite. The Spiaggia Torre Conca in Pollina and beach of Campofelice di Roccella are both near for example. They are both twenty-minute drive from Cefalù. The water is still cold and the air can be chilly but they are just another reason to snuggle by the shore.

Most hotels usually arrange free breakfast. We once spent a lovely light breakfast in a balcony in Taormina. The views are spectacular like taken out of a postcard image or a fairytale story. It’s unbelievable!

Cook to impress

You can also reserve breakfast or lunch dates but really reserve that for dinner. If you are staying in a holiday apartment, use that kitchen! What better way to impress your partner other than a delicious meal you cooked with all your heart. It does not need to be Italian food. You can cook waffles, pancakes, parfaits, eggs, crepes, pasta, risotto, salads, anything you prepare with love, that’s enough. Print the recipe and make sure the ingredients are also in Italian so it is easier to find them on local markets. For a more unique encounter, you can visit ancient street markets like Ballarò in Palermo. There is Piazza Carlo Alberto in Catania too. Small villages also have fruits and vegetable stalls around. Sometimes you can pass by trucks that sell the freshest and cheapest produce.

Fun Winter activities for couples or groups

Even though it is still Winter in Sicily, there are plenty of fun sports activities to try in this Mediterranean jewel aside from swimming. You can sail the sea with a rented boat and admire the coasts from afar. Windsurfing and kiting spots are also everywhere. Island hopping on the Aeolian islands is tempting. However, with the weather being unpredictable, it is best to consider travel options on the main island.

Take a romantic hike. With many mountain and trails, Sicily is a popular hiking destination. Hence, grab the chance to experience wilderness and nature with your loved one. There are also natural reserve parks in the region. These parks have hectares of flora and fauna to see and are nice for birdwatching. Pack that picnic lunch bag, it’s going to be wild. The Piano Battaglia resort in the Madonie Park provides skiing and more snow fun if you love the cold. Agritourism companies organize horseback riding lessons or trips if you fancy something different.

Romantic Dinner

What we all have been waiting for, hoping for, wishing for! Or probably just me. A romantic dinner varies on one’s preference. A typical Sicilian Valentine dinner happens on fine dining restaurants with meal courses(traditionally fish cuisines) and sweet music background. It should be booked in advance to avoid long lines. Younger couples opt for a more practical setting, casual and trendy such as gastropubs, bistros, and clubs. Sicily is a whimsical place to make wedding proposals or surprises. Make sure you get everything ready and the staffs are on board. Either you choose an indoor or outdoor ambience with sunsetting or star gazing. Everything becomes special and memorable when spending it with the one you love.

Love is the language we all speak so whether you celebrate it in the most passionate poetic island on Earth or in the comfort of your home, the only thing that matters is that you are able to express what love is all about, the symmetry of beauty and imperfections that move us in the most mysterious ways.

Would you like to share your own Valentines’ Day ideas in Sicily? Please add them on the comment section. Thanks in advance!

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